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The View from Down Under: WWE Listening To Fans Or Great Planning?

I read an interesting blog by Mick Foley yesterday on the turn of events that happened on RAW this week:

……. If you knew from the beginning what a super hot heel a win at the Royal Rumble would make Dave Batista, then you were smarter than all of us.

If you didn’t know, and were forced to adap to unique set of circimstances that the backlask from the rumble provived, then you adapted very well…..


Since the Royal Rumble WWE fans have bombarded different wrestling sites to complain about Batista winning the Royal Rumble, the less than anticipated WWE main event and the return of part time wrestlers for WWE big event. Even some WWE superstars (including Mick Foley and CM Punk) have made comments or stands about their frustrations. I will admit I was not particularly looking forward to the main event at Wrestlemania, until now.



Of course Daniel Bryan still has to beat Triple H, and that is no guarantee. I can just imagine after the next couple of weeks of teasing a triple threat only for Triple H to ‘not put over’ Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania. (Could you imagine the riot then!!)


daniel bryan 1


But for now I, like Mick Foley would like to commend the WWE for this decision, as now the ‘most over’ wrestler currently in the WWE, has gone from a possible rumoured mid-card match against Sheamus at the end of the Royal Rumble, to now possibly participating in 2 main event matches at Wrestlemania.


We should also possibly be thanking CM Punk, because had he not taken his sabbatical then he could be in this position of 2 Wrestlemania matches, instead of Daniel Bryan. Then again this could be Triple H and the WWE way of telling CM Punk that you are replaceable… as since RAW this week, there have been very few people talking about when/if he is coming back, and more on Daniel Bryan and his YES movement.




Since the demise of WCW, ECW and the failure of TNA to be a legitimate competitor of the WWE, we have seen over the past couple of years what owning a monopoly on a form of entertainment can do for a company. We have seen the WWE fall into a major comfort zone, in where they didn’t have to do much to keep us fans as there is no real other option. We have seen Vince McMahon expand the WWE Empire into other genres of entertainment such as American Football, movies and now a TV network. With his hands now in a variety of other ventures you can understand why the WWE has been just going through the motions.


With Triple H and Stephanie McMahon now having a greater input, and getting through their probation period, we have seen a greater product over the past year. The tag team division has improved, with the current champions The Usos being the first duo to debut in the WWE as a Tag team to win the titles since The Hart Dynasty in April 2010. We have seen an improvement in the WWE Diva’s division, the unification of the 2 major titles to just one, and now we just need the 2nd tier titles to be given an improved value and standing. Just like Daniel Bryan being added to the main event at Wrestlemania many of these changes again can be contributed to either great planning on the behalf of the WWE, or the WWE listening and reacting to the online bombardment they get on sites such as this.



While many of us fans will prefer to take credit for the changes being made, I will give the WWE credit for the idea of the 30 man battle royal for the Andre the Giant trophy. While it is acknowledging a legend of the business, it is also a way of introducing us to a yearly match a Wrestlemania which many of us feel will eventually replace The Undertaker’s Streak matches. The Streak matches will end soon, and this is a great way of replacing a prestige match with another prestige option. I can see eventually the WWE adding a title shot to the trophy prize once The Undertaker retires.



So whether it is due to us, the fans, or the WWE creative team, Wrestlemania XXX now seems a more enjoyable PPV to purchase (if like me you cannot access the WWE Network just yet). Let us just hope that after Wrestlemania the WWE doesn’t fall back to its comfort zone and we see John Cena back with the title around his waist. And if they do, then we can always count on us fans to keep them honest and inspire the WWE creative to come up with the correct stories like they have for Wrestlemania XXX!



Hooroo and see you next week.


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