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Viewership For Raw Tanks During Third Hour, WWE Pays Tribute To Valets, More

– Monday’s Raw averaged 3,920,000 over the course of three hours, up from 3,835,000 for last week’s post-Survivor Series show. The first hour garnered 4,147,000 viewers, with hour two slightly dropping 4,126,000. The third hour, however, saw a sharp decline, dropping to 3,488,000 viewers.

The final rating is expected to be released later today. Last week’s show drew a 2.73.

– The official WWE website has published photos and an article looking back at ringside valets, such as Kimberly Page, Miss Elizabeth, Stacy Keibler, Sharmell, Beulah McGillicutty, Debra and Torrie Wilson, among others. WWE writes, “Some Superstars like to have a little company on their way to the ring, without the prodding of a manager. To add that extra flair, these grapplers went out and found the perfect combination of beauty and brains in ringside valets. Learn more about these lovely ladies, check out photos and watch them in action!”

– Matt Hardy appears for Dreamwave Wrestling this Saturday at LaSalle Knights of Columbus 209 Gooding St. LaSalle, Illinois.


  • hf part two

    It’s mandatory to comment the follow in evey article that features Fatt Lardy:

    Fatt Lardy will not diet!

  • Tombstone

    LOL! @SaveUs.150FPS–You took the words right outta my mouth.

    @Eric——Ramble much?

    @SYM——Damn! I actually had to hit Like on your last comment.

  • SYM

    What would Impact get over 3 hours? 0.01?

  • poko

    What the hell does WWE not doing as well in its third hour as usual have to do with TNA? Does the writer seriously have to add “relative to other RAW episodes”? Isn’t that common sense? And noting that is an “insult”?

  • Eric

    @saveus1150fps my point simple. hogan doesn need tna. to make cash. he can make money off dvds wwe does with him in. he doesn’t need to be in tna. he can make money other ways. that simple!

  • SaveUs.150FPS

    Sorry Eric but I’m not in the mood to read your essay.

  • Eric

    plus why is hogan on tv or in tna. he is getting royality checks everytime wwe uses him for dvd. last summer summer 2011. he got royalty check from wcw nitro 3 disc set. shown best of nitro from 1995-2001 broke down into 3 disc set. hogan was in several matches sgements in those 3 disc sets. he should of gotten royalty check for wwe using his name images of hogan from his time in wcw from 1995-2000. also wwe came out with another nwo dvd. which has hogan in it. he will be getting another loyal check. hogan doesn’t really need wrestle. or show his face in tna. he could live off royalty checks. everytime wwe uses old footage of him in dvd. or make apperances on tv shows. or signed autographs at carshows. like greg valentine alot old school vets do last 10-15 yrs. hogan i guess has ego. he needs hangup his wrestling trunks. he is too old to wrestle. has too many injuries to compete inside wrestling ring. from his bad back from his bad knees. he better stay out ring. also he could collect royalty checks eveytime wwe uses footage of him for special dvds. as bret is getting alot royalty checks. alot money off his merchadise or apperances on raw or ppv. bret doesn’t even have wrestle or break sweat. he is smart legend. just like hbk. who made there money got there fame. hall of famer make special apperance once and while. bret hart is bigger draw than hogan. in 2010 he show up on raw drew near 3.9 rating. something hogan and flair never able to do in tna.

  • Eric

    Well with hulk hasbeen there. don’t really see tna getting better. tna was alterative in 2004-2009 before hogan was there. good tag team divison motorcity guns, beer money, team 3d, british invasion, etc good ko divison taylor wilde and sarita as tag team champs. kong, tara, gail kim, odb, great women matches on tv and ppvs. aj styles daniels and joe good book feud. tna was alot better before hogan show up. hogan has made tna impact turn into hulk hogan show. it is hogan special way to stay revelant in his eyes. so he can go on lame media shows. that noone watches like cnn. cnn has not had big ratings in yrs. also he gets big fat paycheck. hulk hogan was making this kinda cash in his last 2 yrs in wcw. in 1999 and 2000. hogan at his age showuld not be making 2 million dollars. or make cash he makes. 15 yrs ago when hogan could walk. put on good matches in ring. when he was in his 40’s he draw big ratings with nwo thing. if this was 1996 or 1997 no doubt hogan would be drawing big ratings for tna. this is 2012 hogan at almost 60 yrs old. tna in little kiddie park lol tna going nowhere with hogan. They need get rid hogan. hired young talent focus on young talent future. not broke old guys who are there because there broke. yeah wwe is billion doallar company. because of guys from 80’s andre giant randy savage hogan pipper etc attitude era legends austin, hbk, hhh, taker, kane, the rock, etc also part-time returns from the rock lesnar, jericho, trish stratus is what is helped wwe do over million ppv buys at wm27 and wm28

  • cc

    Simple fact is, the only way WWE will get better is if TNA gets a hell of a lot better. People can say all they want about better talent in TNA, but until they use them better and get rid of all the dead wood, they will still be second rate. WWE may not utilise its talent properly either, but they are in a better position and can afford to fuck up, TNA is not.

  • Eric

    very true cc. just like i said. untill wwe gets some compettion. pg era is going to continue on for long time. I may not be cena fan. atleast i know reason wwe is putting him on raw in majority of main events on ppv. cena can still draw money. don’t understand why tna gives hogan unlimted tv time. hogan has not draw money in yrs. he is washup hasbeen from 80’s noone cares about hogan anymore. there sick of seeing him on tv. he should of retired after his great match vs the rock at wrestlemaina18 10 yrs ago.

  • cc

    It is quite funny when the headline says the third hour “tanks” and yet its still three times the viewing figures of an episode of impact … I think its easy to insult WWE when they get lower than expected viewing figures, but at least they aint pulling in barely a million views only.

  • Jon

    It time to make Raw to go back two hours. It doesn’t have enough strong enough storylines to make it three hours. It seem like the same stuff every week for three hrs. If this happened in attitude era then yes Raw would have great ratings for three hours. But not with this writers and this talent.

  • Jimbo

    I see the pg era continues to do well.