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Vince Appears During RAW Commercial, CM Punk Update, WWE Champion Trending

– CM Punk posted another photo of the WWE Title at the Chicago Cubs baseball game this evening. As noted before, Punk is in attendance for the game in Chicago.

– “WWE Champion” is trending worldwide on Twitter tonight, as stated by Michael Cole on RAW.

– Zelda Root sent word that during the commercial break for the Kofi Kingston vs. Alberto Del Rio match on tonight’s RAW, Vince McMahon came out and yelled at the crowd for being so dead. Vince was in character but it was noted that he may have been legitimately upset at the subdued atmosphere in the building.

  • Nicholas G

    @D2K you couldn’t be more wrong. Back in 2000 HHH was not as big as he is now. An everybody unless you been hiding under a rock new this was coming sooner or later. HHH is going to be a darn good chairman he is great on the mic. An he will say what is on his mind. I know HHH haters on the internet feel that HHH is going to fail big time. But guest how many times HHH has proven the haters wrong. Over an over again HHH is going to be great for this roll. You watch the different with the WWE the next couple of months with HHH in charge. Back in 2000 it was a story line an a dam good one. Heck it is what was the nail in the coffin to WCW.

    In closing already knew the second that HHH was name the new chairman that the haters were all crying the blues. But then again HHH don’t have time to be dealing with the haters boring life.

  • cheesehandler

    …just love how everyone is still complaing about shit..either shut the fuck up and watch or take your ass to the fuckin circus you fuckin clowns…i swear…somethimes i come in here and its nothing but old ass ladies in a bingo hall bitchin at each other over nothing they can help

  • scooter

    pretty sure those cm punk chants were pretty loud but you know capitalizing on that storyline isn’t the way to go whatever…

  • Wildeye

    Punk will be back. I also think that now Vince is retiring and handing it over to Triple h. or he might be helping for abit till Hunter is ready but stay backstage. The Mr Mcmahon character cant just disappear with out something like this. it wont be the same with VKM if i am right but nothing lasts forever

  • Devil_Rising

    That’s probably because people wanted to see CM Punk, and he wasn’t there. Notice how when the show started, they were hot, and chanting his name. Like I said, he’s money Vince. When you announced a title tournament, people just kind of went “oh…….”

    On the other hand, Punk deserves a break from the road and all the mess that is the life of WWE if he wants it.

  • kannon

    I’m a Chicago guy stuck in this shithole they call Wisconsin. It’s mind numbing.

  • elvisD

    Damn CheeseHeads, Aaron Rodgers wasnt there, so they didn’t know what to do, Wisconsin is fucking retarted, green Bay hasn’t had a champion in the wrestling world since MR. Kennedy(Anderson) Green Bay Doesn’t appreciate wrestlers, Wisconsin sucks, God that would be my hell, Imagine going on Vacation and telling people you were from Wisconsin!!! Fuck shoot me now@@@ I would lie and say I was from Wyoming, it sounds more believable

  • Effmenow

    Simple Vince…..

    Put on a great product = get a great crowd reaction.

  • Myers

    Yeah I was thinking the same thing all night. Coming off the RAW from Boston and the crowd last night in Chicago, Green Bay sucked balls.

  • zach

    its greenbay not a hotspot

  • Turn Buckle

    Because it sucked. The entire show…sucked ass. Every split second they could have pounced on a real, edgy, unpredictable storyline…they didn’t. what a joke.

  • D2K

    Now someone needs to come and yell at WWE creative for being so BRAINdead. Really? Triple H as Chairman? Did we already see this back in 2000 when he and Steph were running the show? Boring. This whole angle had so much potential and they just killed it. So much for the dawning of a new era.