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Vince & Linda McMahon Lose Big Due to Plummeting Stock Price

The Greenwich Time is reporting that Vince and Linda McMahon are down $500 million due to the drop of the company’s stock price.

In 2010, the price was $18.64 a share. At the current $7.86 a share, the value of their 46 million shares has dropped to a little over $360 million, down from almost $860 million.

Critics feel that they care more about winning a Senate seat than they do about their shareholders. WWE is pinning the blame on WWE Studios for the stock drop.

  • Ty

    Turn Cena bad would sell more merchandise case in point look at Hogan and the nWo, hated at first then look what happened…Loved. It could work, he was a bad guy in the beginning.

  • SYM

    Ima correct Devil_Rising big time. For one WrestleMania 26 was the downfall of WrestleMania’s. WrestleMania 25 was actually pretty good and had great Rivalries. I don’t think the attitude Era needs to return however. WWE needs a New Creative Team Staff and More than One Man should be “Carrying” the company. I honestly think if TNA stays Live 24/7 then it will Catch up to WWE. I think that WrestleMania 28 was a let down only because of Brodus Clay, and D Bryan’s 18 second Loss. WWE treats PPV’s as Jokes nowadays and it feels like I’m watching WCW all over.

  • yofits

    Bring back Billy Gunn

  • Tombstone

    First let me say I think it is time for everyone to realize that the attitude era is gone and not coming back anytime soon. Most of the stars that made the attitude era work are no longer wrestling (least not in WWE). I loved the attitude era but I realize that most of the stars today could not pull it off like Steve Austin, DX, Kurt Angle, and the others did.
    WM 28 in my opinion was great. Loved the Undertaker vs HHH match, Loved the Cena vs Rock match, Hell I liked most all of it. And I for one can honestly say that I did not watch it just because of the Rock, I watched it inspite of the Rock.

  • KingAlbert

    How is this wrestling news.

  • Ray

    I applaud all you guys who are 21+ and still watching the WWE. Ive watched wrestling since I was 4 years and now im 27 and I can tell you one thing. This male soap opera is fucking boring as fuck as now.

    I can’t stand the fake scripted fighting anymore. I’ve moved on to MMA. You should start to watch Bellator, Strikeforce and the UFC cause the WWE is no longer entertaining.

  • D2K

    It’s time for the McMahons to step down. Their foolishness has finally caught up with them. Stubbornness, immaturity, arrogance, and stupidity. They’ve been forcing a watered-down project on the “WWE Universe” and the backlash has finally caught up with them.

    It wouldn’t be a shock to me if Shane didn’t see this coming and that is why he got out when he did. Shane seemed to be the one McMahon with his head screwed on straight. When he was VP of Global Media WWE was raking in money hand over fist. Since he’s been gone it’s been a free-fall to Hades.

  • ant

    @Robinson if u dont any thing intelligent to say stfu cuz WM 28 was okay compared to wrestlemania 21 i mean the only good matches on 21 were Mysterio vs Eddie Guerrero,Kurt Angle vs Shawn Michaels,Undertaker vs Orton,and the first ever MITB ladder match the 2 world title matches sucked which is saying something

  • ant

    @Devil_Rising okay u had a few valid points but let me ask u something what do you think about tna as of late?

  • Bill

    Maybe they lose money because the product is so GOD DAMN BORING!

  • Devil_Rising


    What? I’m not even sure what you were saying in your last post…..

    What I SAID, was that The Rock is the reason WM27 and WM28 sold as well as they did. Do you HONESTLY think they would have done that well without him on the show at all? I’m not saying “He’s Jesus”, I’m saying he is that big of a star, that big of a WRESTLING star. Cena is not the big draw WWE seems to think he is. If he was, ratings would be higher. Punk could be a much bigger draw, if they’d LET HIM be. But they killed the “nuclear heat” he had last year after that PIPEBOMB promo, and within two months of that incident, instead of being a controversial, shocking “tweener”, ala Stone Cold, he was just a straight up babyface. Him standing in the ring and calling Johnny Ace or Bryan Danielson silly names like “Goatface”, isn’t exactly “pipe bomb” worthy, wouldn’t’ you say? They completely derailed him there, when he was the hottest thing to happen on Raw in YEARS. They watered him down and made him predictable. Which is not what he, or Raw, should be.

    I can already tell you what’s going to happen for WM29. Cena is going to eventually win the belt, and then it’s going to be him and Rock in the main event (AGAIN) for the WWE title. And even then? Cena is going to win, because they’re not going to have him lose twice like that at WM, and there’s no way Rocky is winning the title when he’s just a part timer.

    And no, Taker vs. HHH II (III, actually), was not a big seller. I wanted to see Taker take on someone ELSE. Having him fight no one but HBK and HHH over the last 4 years is not inspiring, it’s kind of lame. But at least he and HBK can put on a match. HHH, quite frankly, has never been the most exciting guy to watch wrestle, least of all Taker, or any other “Big Man”.

    But regardless, that’s besides the point. The point is, there are a LOT of reasons that WWE isn’t that entertaining these days, and it’s not an easy fix, because they’ve layered the crap on thick over the years. I still love pro wrestling, but WWE really tries my patience. It isn’t MY fault if the product they put out doesn’t inspire me to bother watching it. It’s bad enough I waste my money ordering 2-3 PPVs a year, even.

  • Robinson

    @ant your an idiot and your opinions are just plain stupid. Wm28 sucked.

  • sam

    turning Cena heel would make them a tonne of money, but then they take into account Cena sells the most merchandise (or well did before Punk turned face). which could make the kids not buy it anymore.

  • Dont Matter

    MAYBE! MAYBE! JUST MAYBE…this will bring back the Attitude Era!

  • Pete

    ant, you say wwe almost every event sells out arenas? well if that is the case, why do alot of smackdowns have one side taped off? because of poor ticket sales. And if you looked at the comment after you will see i corrected the “goof” to “good”

  • ant

    no offense Devil_Rising u make some good points sometimes i have to say but youd have to be an idiot to think that DVD BROKE RECORDS just because of one single guy last i checked The Rock wasnt Jesus hes one guy and i personally have seen wayyy worse wrestlemanias than 26,27,25 and whatever else recent wrestlemanias youre talking about

  • ant

    @Devil_Rising o im sorry i thought The Undertaker/Triple H match stole the show and the Punk/Jericho match was good but ih well i guess wrestlemania 28 all around sucked in your opinion just cuz of the Sheamus/D Bryan flop right?

  • Devil_Rising


    WM28 may have “BROKE RECORDS” in sales because it was Cena vs. Rock (no one would have given three shits if it weren’t for The Rock), but it was also the single most boring Wrestlemania I’ve ever sat through, and that’s saying something because WM27 was tragically bad. They’ve seriously gone downhill since 25. Wrestlemania used to be this HUGE event that my friends and I would look forward to every year. It was like a Wrestling fan’s holiday. Now? It feels like a bigger, glitzier four hour episode of Raw.

    That should NEVER be the case. Wrestlemania is supposed to be THE wrestling PPV of the year. It’s supposed to feel special. It doesn’t anymore…

  • Devil_Rising

    Awwwwwwwwwwwww shucks. Poor, poor beleaguered millionaires.

  • ant

    haha people disliked my comment cuz i said vince mcmahon is smarter than bischoff,hogan,and russo as if thats a false statement haha IWC Marks Kill me

  • chronoxiong

    Squaresoft went downhill when they made that Final Fantasy movie. They had to merge with Enix to survive. Not saying that will happen to the WWE but I think they need to drop their WWE Studios to avoid losing more money.

  • Ty

    WWE is getting boring, Maybe make Cena a bad guy,it worked for Hogan.

  • Damien Phoenix

    As much as I like the Attitude Era. They won’t bring it back. Do a different era, but make it interesting, which they can’t do right sometimes.

  • Ty

    This PG crap SUCKS!!!!!! Attitude Era!!!!!

  • Marcum

    The WWE seriously needs a change. They need cruiser weights, better tag team division, better divas division, and a better top star. Vince McMahon even said on the owe heart DVD the people don’t like a big unstoppable star like John cena. So he continues to do it and his product is slowly failing. The senate seat is going nowhere so they should just quit dumping money into it. Once Vince starts losing more and more money he’ll relive what needs to be changed.

  • ant

    and no matter what wwe does people are gonna complain thats just the name of the game but Wrestlemania 28 BROKE RECORDS in sales hell almost every event sells out arenas worldwide not to mention the merchandise sales that guys like john cena and cm punk produce i mean its crazy how much money the wwe makes and last i checked the last few ppvs wwe has produced havent sucked i mean over the limit was suprisingly good as well as extreme rules and mitb so i dont know where youre getting your info by saying “goof ppvs”

  • ant

    pete u sound like an attitude vince mcmahon could wipe his ass with all the money he makes so dont for a second think wwe is gonna go the way of wcw cuz one thing about vince is hes wayyy smarter than higan or bischoff or russo and he would never let that happen EVERRR and neither would triple h or stephanie

  • nick

    Triple H should take over.

  • Pete

    ^that was meant to say good, not goof.

  • Pete

    Change the current product in WWE and you will get more money.
    If we got the attitude era back, more tickets would be sold for events.
    If we got goof PPV’s everytime round, the buys would be higher than they are.
    Listening to the fans would be hugely beneficial as we know what we want, not great khali in the ring looking like a fool.
    The company needs a change, and that change needs to come fast before it is too late for vince.

  • TheSheepDog

    Ahh if only the IWC were running the wwe…