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Vince McMahon Appearing on Tonight’s ECW to Reveal Brand Future

– WWE has announced on their website this afternoon that Vince McMahon will be appearing on tonight’s episode of ECW on SyFy to reveal the future of the ECW brand on Tuesday nights.

  • Zomar

    LOST was dope haha

  • Dustin

    Who gives a shit what he will say about the brand’s future? Everyone will be watching LOST lol

  • Devil_Rising

    Technically speaking, Rhyno forfeited the title when the company went under, and he ceased to defend it in the WWF.

    The WCW title, on the other hand, was carried over and defended by the guy who last held it in WCW, Booker T. And thus it still lives on (albeit a brief hiatus), as the “World Heavyweight Championship”. Just as, technically, the US Title also lives on, and once upon a time, so did the WCW Cruiserweight belt.

    I suppose you could say, since they actually did used to use the ECW belt, that the last REAL ECW Champion was Rob Van Dam…..because he was champion for the month or so that the brand was actually treated as a serious separate entity, before Vince remembered that he doesn’t like other people’s ideas or other people having control, and proceeded to screw Paul Heyman. Just for reference, Vince does lie, in real life, because the ECW reboot was indeed originally supposed to be legit, and treated as a separate show. Which is why ever so briefly, the ECW “brand” did it’s own house shows, and filmed several episodes at separate locations from Raw or Smackdown. But then as I said, Vince pulled the plug.

    On a related note, when WWF first bought WCW, the original plan was supposed to be that they were going to keep WCW a separate entity, and it would continue to have it’s own show, with limited interaction with the other WWF shows once in awhile, like occasional PPVs. But again, look what happened with that.

  • mike

    haha good one bad dog! yeah, hope we get a name change tonight! its not ecw, dreamer is gone, no more ecw left! lame name, bye bye name!

  • baddog_1_2k

    Rhino is still the ECW champion he was never beat for it. christians belt is just pertend.

  • Forever

    Stop calling the show ECW because it’s not ECW. Stop calling Christian’s silver title, the ECW title because it ain’t the ECW title.

    I would be very happy if they changed the name of the show & title. It would be great if they stopped disgracing the name of ECW.

  • RPM

    All I want is Christian to get moved and get a real god damn push.

    He should of been moved months ago, even Matt Hardy didn’t have to stay in ECW that long.

  • Hogan Ruined TNA

    I miss velocity


    hey hey goodbye

  • baddog_1_2k

    I hope is to announce the return of Velocity

  • Zomar

    wouldnt be surprised if they just named it “WWE Universe” haha

  • Treg

    Really curious as to what they’re going to rename the show to

  • scooter

    great now guys like christian and regal will be pushed down to jobber status

  • Colin “The Heartthrob” Delaney

    All the ECW Originals and all those who paved the way like myself will be tuned in to hear what Mr. McMahon has to say. Hopefully the ECW brand gets split in half and drafted to RAW and Smackdown, highly doubtful though. Christian NEEDS to be on Smackdown. Maybe he’s going to put Tiffany on probation?

  • WWE/FCW fan

    been waiting for this news on ECW dropping the ever since the new about it possibly being dropped

    gonna be a very interesting ECW tonight with vince

  • Guess Who

    Please Vince, Finally put the ECW name to rest.

    Sincerely Paul E. Heyman.