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Vince McMahon Wants Backstage Changes, Furious with WWE Website Staff

– Vince McMahon has been furious with the staff and there’s a feeling that heads may roll soon. During the WrestleMania 29 hype several weeks back, Vince met with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and there was nobody from the website present to photograph, film or cover the event.

– Speaking of Vince, he now wants more rehearsals at WWE events and wants the writers and producers to communicate more. There were a lot of fingers being pointed at the problems at Extreme Rules including John Cena’s promo and Brock Lesnar almost getting hurt as well as the timing issues on RAW.

One person close to the process expects that WWE content will be more rigidly scripted and that Vince is going to have to approve just about everything.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • yofits

    I fear for Joseph Styles as he is the Director of 🙁

  • blue4everd

    Did yalll not see Brock’s contact signing??!?!? BOTCH WRITTEN ALL OVER IT!! yeah sum scripts and rehearsals won’t hurt…

  • hjkhjk

    bad news for CM Punk heh

  • Greg

    Vince is smarter then all of you, and I hope you disagree because yall are idiots.

  • My Morning Jacket

    Rehearsals? Really? WTF! A 5 6 7 8 kick ball change, kick ball change NO DAMN IT CENA ITS KICK BALL CHANGE THEN TWIST!

  • ant

    @seth..u always should thumb me up i say smart shit cuz im anti-mark

  • dave

    Vince is a perfectionist and even when WCW was better in 1996 WWF still was more polished and seamless. that more brock did at ER i had never seen before so i guess its no surprise it had an unexpected consequence. Vince was unlucky XFL which I think could have stayed around IF they had the season i think a little later in the year. its not Vinces fault americans like THE TEAMS(cities n universities) more than the actual sport. anyway i think Vince is a bit of a steve jobs when it comes to polished product 🙂

  • chronoxiong

    Vince is really letting all these things get in his head. The last thing we need, is a heavily scripted show.

  • SaveUs.150FPS

    Vince is going to WCW the WWE.

    -“Life SUCKS! And then you DIE!”

  • Seth

    I can’t believe I just “thumbs up’ed” a comment from ant.

  • ant

    i like how marks are now dogging vince mcmahon like hes the problem in wwe and he should just shut up when its HIS COMPANY,HIS DUTY,and HIS RIGHT to do so with it what he pleases and he hasnt hardly messed up anything like people are saying hogan is doing tna like thats just dumb people grow up and show the man some damn respect hes earned it and then some

  • Real deal

    Yo guys hes been running this business for years and he knows how this shit works. Didnt became a billion air just by doing what fan wants.

  • Devil_Rising

    Can you say control freak?

    He has ruined the company that he once made great….

  • Pig

    Vince says….keep shelling out your money and buying my product. I have no reason to give you what you want!!

  • The Ryder Revolution

    Vince the people want 18+ back in wwe no more PG

  • Lex

    Vince probably was upset that the producer actually kept the camera on lesnar limping around. Which is stupid, lets have the EMT’s ready to run in the ring for everything. The fact that they have to run in the ring when someone is cut is kind of a joke. I know old wrestlers just laugh when they see that.

  • Mark

    Please retire Vince, let HHH take over

  • Vince is half dead, quit trying to control every damn thing going on in WWE… and How is Lesnar falling on his head, anyone but his own and/or Cena’s? Shit happens, it’s pro wrestling. Does he expect a handful of agents with a giant mattress ready to thrown on the ground if they botch up a spot, always there?

  • 1919dpg

    just what they need. more scripting.

  • Dave S.

    Yet nothing is Vince’s fault.