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Vince McMahon Believes He Taught Daniel Bryan ‘How To Be A Star’

Though Vince McMahon’s television character is portrayed as having a strong distaste for Daniel Bryan, in reality, the WWE Chairman and CEO thinks quite highly of the wrestler once known as the “American Dragon.”

In response to a rumor on the message board concerning McMahon’s relationship with Bryan, Wrestling Observer editor Dave Meltzer revealed how the organization head perceives the wrestling standout. According to Meltzer, McMahon legitimately believes he taught Bryan “how to be a star.”

“Vince believes he took a guy who was very good technically but had no personality and taught him how to be a star,” wrote Meltzer. “If anything, he believes he was more right than anyone on him.”


    People were already chanting yes with him before he lost the title. Almost right after heost the title he started chanting no! Where do u get ur information? His rise is historic but obviously planned out. Otherwise after firing him during the whole tie incident they wouldntve brought him back. He really got fired that was not storyline. He always has the talent to be a great wrestler vine McMahon just showed him how to be a star how take the crowd in the palm of ur hand and have em eating your every word.

  • Scooter

    According to Regal Vince had a plan for him since the begining so maybe.

  • Scooter

    To be fair he was awful on promos before he came to WWE. if Vince means he helped teach him the entertainment side of wrestling then there is something in this.

  • rabid

    Bottom line hes a great technical wrestler with unlimited potential and experience. I always enjoy the guys like him who spent time in japan and all over the world b4 coming to the national spotlight here it really shows. Side note of course vince is gonna take credit for someones

  • Jeff Wurtz

    I have to disagree. Danielson was floundering for awhile and maybe not
    Vince exclusively but those backstage brought out some personality and made him into a WWE entertainer. He was already a great wrestler but it’s a whole different animal in WWE Just being a wrestler doesn’t get you anywhere. We’ve seen that with hundreds of guys. You need theatrics. WWE gave him that. And it’s been a thrill to watch.

  • MrDr3w

    Bryan Danielson made Bryan Danielson. Vince McMahon made “Daniel Bryan” one of the most gifted, charismatic, and loved characters in the WWE. Just think back to his days on NXT when he would be bullied by The Miz and Michael Cole. He was a meek little kid getting hazed by the veterans, and he couldn’t do anything about it. Plus, his mic work was pretty terrible…unless that whole thing about him having no personality was just a work to build him up to main event status. Then I’m totally wrong.

  • poko

    I can’t help but agree. I think Daniel Bryan was on his way down to the bottom of the mid-card when the fans spoke up and forced the WWE to listen. Management probably got kind of nervous when golden boy Sheamus took the brunt of the fan’s displeasure over that horrible piece of booking. Daniel Bryan is over despite the people who run the WWE more than the other way around.

  • Shawn Bronald

    Vince gave him a chance…. actually two. Bryan Danielson made himself. He coined the “YES! YES! YES!” catchphrase and shouted it to annoy the crowd while being a heel World Champion. Vince is the one that put him in a match where he’d lose the title in 18 seconds. That was done to bury and destroy Bryan. Instead, the fans embraced the “YES!” chants and a star was born. Bryan has earned everything with hard work and dedication, Vince merely gave him a platform, albeit a shaky one.