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Vince McMahon Makes City Name Ban, Update on Otunga’s Future Wedding

– Several media outlets today reported that actress Jennifer Hudson is more sure then ever that she wants to marry fiance David Otunga.

– This past Monday on the WWE Raw Supershow, Vince McMahon made the call not to mention Fort Wayne, which was the city Raw we being taped in. If Vince doesn’t think the city sounds big league enough, the name of the city is banned. A few weeks back when Smackdown was in Columbia, SC, he made the same call.

Source: F4Wonline & PWInsider

  • PinkSinCara

    Reminds me of when VINCE brought ECW to my nationally UNknown town of Toms River, NJ back in 2006. I guess that was okay

  • Jedi Master Yoda

    voice of reason you are…voice of reason SHOULD…SHUT…THE HELL…..UP….!!!…(Y2J Y2J Y2J)

  • voice of reason

    why book a show there if it aint big name enoug geesh i’m here scratching my head over this.

    @ jedi master yoda your brilliant keep thee comments coming i’m enjoying everyone you make.

  • jeff

    Hey I was at raw past Monday. Fort Wayne isn’t small city, but memorial war collosuium is small. Holding only 8,500,
    but better then 3,000 as in past. What ever happen to old days where raw be 16,000 ppl. Reason why its PG only reason why ppl go is take their kids half the arena was kids

  • damkat

    well i guess the only one who would care is Mick Foley, how the hell would he start his promo…lmao

  • aszman

    Im from fort wayne, and has hosted many WWE events, to all of a sudden no-mention is a bit strange and elitist.

    if your too good to say our name, your too good for our $$$$$ gtfo.

  • CC

    Its really not that big a deal if they mention the city or not. I cant say I have ever seen what makes it so exciting if they mention your hometown.

  • john

    riot on RAW on the cards.. which sounds awesome!! it should bring entertainment, hopefully it will only happen when cena is trying to talk on the mic

  • yofits

    Jennifer Hudson is a sinner, she had a baby with David “A-List” Otunga before they got married.

    They both will burn in hell for years because of that.

  • Buttercastle

    I remember when Smackdown was in my hometown of London Ontario, I was at the taping and watched it on the Friday and they never mentioned where they were. This was a couple years back now.

  • Little Jimmy

    Knowing Vince He’d attempt to rename “unhip city’s” From Fort Wayne To “Lil Wayne”

    And From Columbia SC to “Columbian Cocaine”

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    Imagine what he’ll be like when he’s full blown senile.

  • Will Henderson

    if they aren’t a big name city, just don’t go there anyway, or just say were live from an undisclosed location in insert state name here.

  • Jedi Master Yoda

    Bastard he is, he he he.

  • Alan Wake

    Yes Vince, Piss on the city that is only holding your show. I think his mind really is deteriorating when I hear stuff like this.

  • shawn

    announcing the name of the city during a segment would excite the people at home. nobody tell em that one.

  • SYM

    WOOOOOOW so lemme get this straight. Because a City doesn’t sound like its Big and Exciting then it doesn’t get mentioned. Who the Hell does Vince think he is? Ted Turner? WWE has become this Generations WCW.