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Vince McMahon Comments on WWE’s PG Product & PPV Competition

– Vince McMahon admitted at Friday’s shareholder’s meeting that WWE tries to avoid running pay-per-view events on the same weekend as boxing and UFC events.

– Vince also said that WWE is broadening their product a bit when a shareholder said WWE feels like it’s 1970’s or 1980’s comic book campy, and suggested they could be PG but more adult oriented. Vince noted that it’s important to go backwards in order to go forward, and they went so far in the other direction at one point that there was nowhere to go, but said they have no plans to go back in that direction. Vince said WWE can have a more aggressive and sophisticated product that appeals to various ages.

When talking about WWE’s PG product, Vince noted that a TV-MA rating turns sponsors away. Vince mentioned again that they can have a sophisticated product but be PG. He said WWE will be aggressive and entertaining but sponsors must know that the company won’t do anything outlandish.

Partial source: PWTorch

  • venom

    I work at my job to make money, not to work.

  • Jason

    @the great one everyone that goes into business only wants 1 thing money they dont care about us as long as we are watching or buying their product.

  • Joshy

    @ the great one

    Isn’t that why we all go into business….money money yeah yeah!

  • The Great One

    fuck off vince, sooner this old cunt retires the better,its a joke, all he gives a shit about is money, money goes up, but ratings go down, but what does he care, as long as he makes more money he doesnt give a shit if the fans enjoy it

  • Renz

    i apologies for the poor grammer lol

  • Renz

    I understand vinces concern regarding sponsorship but and majority of companie shying away from and m rating but look at UFC… they have huge sponsors and its one of the most violent sports out. But if im not mistkaen WWE or at that time WWF huge growth was in part due to WCW and to a latter extent ECW’s competitiveness and due to a change of directon. so why not aim for that direction if only slightly to draw back some of the old crowd.