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Vince McMahon Makes Gossip Pages, Otunga Getting Married, Matt Hardy News

– Matt Hardy will be appearing at Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling’s Halifax County Brawl on January 28th from South Boston, Virginia. Other names announced include Lex Luger, The Barbarian and The Rock & Roll Express.

– Actress and singer Jennifer Hudson appeared on NBC’s Tonight Show with Jay Leno this weekend and confirmed that she and fiancee David Otunga would be getting married later this year. Hudson talked about Otunga working for WWE and their son David Jr. wanting to be a wrestler, noting that he knew the wrestling moves better than “Big David.”

– The Greenwich Times had a blurb on Vince McMahon this past week after the WWE boss was seen riding around in a new Bentley. They wrote:

“WWE Chief Executive and Greenwich resident Vince McMahon was seen behind the wheel of a charcoal-colored Bentley with dealer plates on Railroad Avenue in Greenwich last week.”

  • Super

    lol @iBob my sentiments exactly

  • iBob

    Who is David Otunga?

  • you need to give him some quality time

    Fuck the haters.

  • El Dandy

    Will he have the coffee cup with him?

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    Haha even his wife knows he’s the worst wrestler there is. It’s just beyond me how you can suck THAT bad. You had training, and this is what you do in the ring? WWE’s employed that loser what for, 2 years now? I hope you saved your money college boy, or take half of your wife’s during the inevitable divorce. I hope guys like Punk and Bryan rub their world titles in Otunga’s face, and say shit like, “Ah feels good huh? Well, YOU’ll never know that feeling.” Beth Phoenix should do it too lol. Guy is like a grounded Carlito. Just a lazy, unmotivated, talentless worker who has NOBODY’s respect.

  • centerman

    Otunga needs to marry Jennifer because his wrestling career isn’t going anywhere.

  • venom

    Even John Cena knows more moves than him. I think he when he gets married, he’ll be gone because udson is trying to get him to quit.

  • The Real CM Punks Promo

    I think j Hudson knows more moves then him.

  • JIR

    not surprised his kid knows more moves that him

  • Hasan

    I wonder what bowtie he will wear on his wedding. 🙂