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Vince McMahon Issues Statement Regarding Injured Punk & TLC PPV

WWE’s website published an article with a statement from Vince McMahon. Here is what the article reads.

WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon has released a statement through his office, speaking to the developing situation surrounding the WWE TLC pay-per-view. Because of the previously reported knee injury to WWE Champion CM Punk, suffered this past Monday night on Raw, Punk is unable to compete at WWE TLC against Ryback Sunday, Dec. 16.

In the statement, Mr. McMahon also announced that a Six-Man Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match has been added to the pay-per-view, in which Ryback will team up with WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No to battle The Shield. Furthermore, for the first time ever, the winner of this TLC Match will be determined via pinfall or submission.

The article also included a snapshot of his statement which is posted below.

Vince McMahon s Statement on CM Punk s Condition

  • poko

    Ziggler vs. Cena has the potential to be an excellent match IF it’s not a squash win for Cena. A Cena win had better be close and competitive or it could set Ziggler further back than he was coming into this feud and that would be a travesty.

    The WWE needs a few surprises lined up, as well, some controversy or drama, or there won’t be much to talk about on the RAW afterwards.

    My guess is that we’re going to see a Cena win, then he’ll use the contract to take the belt from The Rock.

  • Kenn

    I am going to this PPV, it’s in Brooklyn and the crowd will be HOT. Remember Survivor Series 2011 at the Garden? Crowd will be hotter bc it’s the first time in the new arena. I am bummed I don’t get the Punk/ryback match but if it’s a TLC match somebody better take a big spot

  • mtlhitman

    Cena vs Ziggler MATCH OF THE NIGHT they will steal the show dont bitch on it just watch it! Are you fucking serious peeps complaining about the shield losing !? Wtf they are still a bunch of joe blow they have great amount of potential dean ambrose as good mic skill but they didn’t pay no dues yet and will win and compete in a near futur and win some match so come on if Kane-Brian and Ryback dont win it’s’more unfair to them since they are in wwe for a few years now and got jumped a few time by them. 3 vs 3 tlc looks good it as a certain potential daniel brian and ambrose might steal the show.

  • How does it suck if either of those main event? Both have potential to be best match of the night anyways.

  • Judge

    Perfect time to bring Lesnar in to help, except its WWE so they won’t do what makes sense.

  • Tha don

    Omg how bad is this card, who the f would buy this .

  • ajdimick

    I love how people will bitch about how all these guys get left behind cena and orton, and then when ziggler is finally goin to be in a main event they still bitch. Who gives a fuck if its against cena. Id rather see him face cena then some middle-carder. Whether he wins or loses, goin toe to toe with cena in a match like this will give ziggler something a middle-carder can’t , a match worth talking about. So shut up with ur whining, if u don’t like it, don’t watch it!

  • Nicholas

    Not like Punk was going to lose anyway. They come to far for a Rock vs Punk match to not have it happen at the Rumble would hurt the WWE. Let Punk heel and be ready for the Rumble.

  • Well ryback going over is not a bad idea, he lost twice in a row now, I expect him to win. And I’m sure the shield will get a win in the I wonder if vince will strip punk of the title cuz having him return a week after a ppv is pointless.

  • Zedd

    They’re probably going to have Ryback go over on The Shield. Shame…

  • Beat Marc To The News

    Shouldn’t that just be a no dq match then? Call me crazy but if there is nothing to grab then that’s all it is

  • no punk not worth getting that PPV is gonna suck then

  • a heyman guy

    so how many days is it before hes stripped of the title? if he doesnt defend within 30? days isnt he going to be stripped?

  • adam

    they NEED to have shield go over in this match. if they lose they will lose any momentum they gained with the attacks

  • bah, adolph ziggler and john cena. i hope this change causes Cena to win MITB and what about the jack tunney rules? 30 days, how long has it been now? i hope punk doesn’t have his reign ended like this.

  • One

    Isn’t Lesnar still under contract? Make him com in and compete against Ryback and put Heyman in the storyline with him. That would be better than this crap.

  • Hank Moody

    Great, now Ryback can run through the Shield so they can end up geeks. Brilliant.


  • eahah

    Damn CM Punk’s fanboys are getting as bad as Cena’s.

  • Wayne

    Yes!!!! Ryback how’d u like them apples son! CM PUNK BEST IN THE WORLD!!! 🙂

  • Craig

    Not sure why anybody would think the main event would suck. I am not Cena fan by any means but Cena vs Ziggler could be a fantastic match.

  • Tim

    We all know it’s going to be Cena and Ziggler as the main event now.

  • Men on a Mission

    So our main event now is either going to be Cena v. Ziggler or Sheamus v. Big Show? They better think of something else quick or this is gonna suck.

  • Prince

    It would’ve been cool if it was a tag team elimination table match instead.

  • Lew

    it benefits ryback not to lose too punk again anyway

  • zach

    Keep the streak going #bestintheworld