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Vince McMahon Laying Low At TV Events, WWE Merchandise Sales, Papa Shango

– At WWE’s weekly Raw events, Vince McMahon generally only meets with producers and other officials, with most talent only encountering him when they head to the curtain. Furthermore, he does not attend approximately half of the SmackDown tapings because he feels it necessary that Paul “Triple H” Levesque gain experience in taking charge of shows because he will ultimately be the leader of the company.

When Levesque is in charge of events, the atmosphere is described as being more chaotic. It is said that when disagreements or problems arise, there is nobody in the Vince role of putting his foot down and saying, “This is how it’s going to be done.”

– WWE merchandise sales has been described as “haves” and “have nots.” A few talents are reportedly making “great money,” with all others not faring too well.

– During a recent interview, Charles Wright revealed that WWE had plans for him to return as grittier version of Papa Shango in 1997, but the idea was ultimately shelved due the introduction of another dark, supernatural character in Kane. In response to feedback on Twitter, Wright said Jerry Lawler assisted him with the character’s look and that he may post online a Polaroid photo that was taken then if he can find it.

(source: Wrestling Observer Newslettter)

  • blue4everd

    Although the atmosphere is less strict, when a problem arises, it becomes chaotic…put two and two together fucktards!!

  • hf part two

    We wanna see Zack Ryder vs Godfather at WM29!

    Broski vs Hoeski

  • paul s

    I really wanna see this pic! No room
    For two supernatural guys? They have about30 boring guys at the moment, why. Is this being allowed?? Papa shango was a great character!

  • mtlhitman

    Wrestling-Edge = having problems finding good and original news lol


    Your guys have posted before that it was less chaotic and the atmosphere was more loose and relaxe when Paul was in charge.

    Stop the copy and paste shit and produce an original thought.

  • Jeremy

    Morons work here!!!!

  • Omar

    That they did. The “news” is just speculation being sold as fact.

  • Robinson

    Did you guys just post something like yesterday that the backstage was less chaotic?!?!?!

  • Best In The World

    hope Godfather comes in a suprise entry at rumble this year lol