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Vince McMahon Reportedly Livid With Randy Orton’s Attitude Toward Suspension

Rumors continue to swirl that Randy Orton’s continued employment with WWE is in jeopardy following their announcement May 30 that he was being suspended for 60 days for his second violation of the Talent Wellness Program. reports Tuesday that Vince McMahon is livid with Orton, particularly since he was so “outspokenly indifferent” to the suspension. Another source says Orton was hastily benched to ensure that he return before SummerSlam on August 19, but “something happened” shortly after the announcement that infuriated the WWE Chairman. This has led to discussions of Orton not being brought back at all after his suspension concludes.

Former WCW announcer Mark Madden stated last Thursday via Twitter that WWE is looking to terminate their partnership with Orton since he’s considered difficult to deal with and due to the belief that his value has plateaued.

There are people within WWE saying Orton’s time away from the squared circle ‘isn’t going to be that big a problem.’ For the first time, officials are openly categorizing CM Punk as the second-ranked babyface rather than the two as equals. Many also feel SmackDown’s babyface side will be sufficient with Sheamus, Christian, Sin Cara, Rey Mysterio returning soon from suspension and the option to turn Daniel Bryan at a moment’s notice. Orton has made and saved a lot of money during his career and resides in an area where he could live comfortably for several years without financial worry. His wife Samantha also comes from a well-to-do family, so not having a steady income is reportedly not a major concern for him.

There is a ‘small, vocal pocket’ within the sports entertainment organization lobbying for Orton’s termination. Those opposing his return feel his lucrative ten-year contract—signed in January 2010—can no longer be justified if he is brought back in a mid-level role. His second suspension hinders WWE from continuing to feature Orton in headline role since a third drug-testing policy infraction would result in automatic termination, or, as some have stated, a “one-year suspension.”

In another potential factor, there is concern over the physical state of Orton, who has incurred numerous injuries over his twelve-year career. Some officials believe his body is breaking down and there are questions regarding the state of his neck and spine.

According to, the nine-time world champion’s suspension stems from a positive drug test for the anabolic steroid Dianabol, which is banned by the United States Congress under its Controlled Substances Act. However, that is not confirmed. says Orton claimed to test positive for a tainted supplement.


  • SYM

    Im sorry hunny gfcnggbc

  • ICE

    i’d like to see orton go to tna but without the diva attitude he was actually good in the ring when facing veteran wrestlers who can help carry him a little. he’s had good matches with benoit, edge, angle, and the undertaker, even triple h (before wrestlemania 25), he should return to that leaner physique, be faster in the ring then he could be a draw and have a good following in tna.

  • The Awesome One

    Randy Orton will not be let go by WWE that would be the biggest mistake of all time

  • Devil_Rising

    Here are the facts.

    Orton is a good wrestler. Certainly better than Cena, Lashley, Batista, Sheamus ,etc. etc etc., IE huge muscle guys Vince likes to push.

    But his attitude has always sucked, and his whole schtick was old two years ago. I’ll admit, when the whole Legacy thing first started, I found it interesting, and when he first started “taking out the McMahon family”, it did add intregue. But he’s gotten very stale very quickly since then. And I’ll never forget his tasteless “Eddie’s in Hell” comment. There are ways to get heat, and there are things that shouldn’t be touched. That was one of them. How dare he say that, and how dare WWE LET him say that.

    I say, fire his ass. He and Cena have been old news for years anyway. Push newer guys. That’s what the business is SUPPOSED to be about anyway.

  • rko

    face orton – boring
    heel orton – entertaining

    Yeah the guy has a few loose screws, but if the wwe terminate him, tna and hogan will go hard after him.

  • JohnCena33

    Make Orton sweat a little. Don’t bring him back till after Mania 29. Time off for him to heal, rethink what he has done, and time for the “creative writers” to put him in a good storyline. May I suggest a Orton vs Rock feud (that is if the rock stays a while longer after Mania).

  • Loc

    Can’t any one get on his level.. he be merking everyone.. They let him go & watch the ratings drop & the show go under… If they let the youngest most top star go… wow they got probs… lolz

  • mikey2099

    Why the fuck isn’t WWE throwing this bitch fit over orton and his second offense, but reuse has failed his second and job is still secure, andis comming back as a maineventer. Granted randy is an asshole but so was Goldberg. He never friended any wrestler and would tell them he wad just there for the cash.

  • Bill

    Is it me or have I seen most of the exact same information in this article posted before on the same site? Still, I feel with the real heat on Orton, they could take that & make it their big summer storyline.

  • Pat

    @sym….cena doing coke? really? seriously? and what crack are you smoking? and why are you not sharing? and cm punk’s tweet did not violate any wwe policy, granted what he said was not right, but they cant do shit to him for saying something to someone
    and i’d like to see the god honest proof that cena’s doing coke, if not, shut your ass no one wants to hear you talk out of it

  • Jimbotron

    Yes please go away, I have no desire to see Orton come back and be champion for the 10,000th time.

  • misfit del rio

    @ sym, ummm shut the fuck up you troll, I don’t like cena, I’m not a fan of his, but godamn all you do is bitch. Orton has been busted 2 times already, jack ass, and for all we know cena is clean, we haven’t heard other wise. So question you idiot (god I hate the fact I’m arguing with a 12 year old, Mark I apoligize) when and where was cena ever doing or been caught using coke?

  • Maxwell

    Vince give him an RKO off the stage thru a few tables, might teach him

  • JohnCena33

    ummm SYM no one cares what you have to say…. talk about waste of space

  • cakes

    They should just realize him or keep him off TV for a year or so. If the WWE could lose Hart, HBK, Stone Cold, Rock, Lesnar, and Edge then losing Orton is NO big deal. Best case scenario is let Orton go for awhile. He clearly doesn’t care about the business as much as he used to, and is no longer as entertaining as he once was. In his absence, allow Ziggler, Rhodes, Barrett, Kingston, Bryan, and whoever comes along to flourish and establish themselves as main eventers. Then if/when Orton returns in a year or two, he would have fresh new believable challenagers to compete with. Similar to the Jericho approach

  • SYM

    Wow. Theres some much Wrong with the WWE. They turn away when John Cena sniffs his Coke backstage, or when CM Punk tells the Fans to kill themselves, but Orton can’t speak his mind on his suspension? I know many will dislike this comment but I really don’t get the WWE’s handling of their Superstars. I honestly hope they keep Orton because I love seeing him perform.

  • Bawb

    Oh, man, I called it when I saw his tweet.[from W.E. article, “A fan asked Orton if he will be returning as a heel because of the suspension. Orton said ‘we can only pray.’”]

    Guy just has that “whatever” look on his face and his tweet is probably even further demonstrative of his indifference.

  • TheSheepDog

    To be honest, i can not remember the last time i gave a care for Ortons rivalries or matches. I personally like Orton, but interest in him has waned for me, and id assume for many. It would not surprise me if he himself has gotten disillusioned, if nothing else, the most part of the year, therefore is caviller about not being on the road right now