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Vince McMahon Says He’s Open to Selling WWE

‘The Chairman Of The Board’ Vince McMahon was recently asked on today’s third quarter earnings call if he was open to selling the company, and he stated that he is open to doing anything as long as he can control the company’s destiny.

Vince stated that he and the WWE are business people and will listen to offers if they are made, but is unsure of how much control he’d lose in a situation of being bought out or absorbed. When asked if he would be interested in an offer that would allow them to retain control of their destiny, Vince stated “We’re open for business.”

  • Keith Learmonth

    So, Vince will only sell if he gets a guarantee of being the head of the company anyway… in other words, he’s likely not to sell it at all.

    I don’t think many people would want to buy a billion dollar company just to let someone else run it.

  • Madden


  • Elbillug Sredaer Detinu

    AT&T / Time Warner need content and WWE has all this content (that ironically some of it Time Warner used to own via Turner) and also can produce new content for this mega entity should it be allowed to be crated.

    So Ted ( Ted still owns shares in Time Warner) will finally get his hands on WWE and thus win the war against Vince.