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Why Vince McMahon scrapped a planned John Cena/Dolph Ziggler feud

John Cena is a WWE Superstar who has done it all and his opinion is greatly valued by everyone backstage, even Vince McMahon. It turns out his words of wisdom might have nixed a planned feud between Big Match John and Dolph Ziggler some time ago and it was quietly dissolved before anything really came out about it.

Former WWE writer Kevin Eck recently spoke to Wade Keller on his podcast. During the conversation the two began talking about how Baron Corbin needs to perform at SummerSlam against John Cena as Eck equated it to a story about how Dolph Ziggler didn’t quite match up to Super Cena and things didn’t turn out too well after that.

“Cena will be very honest to his assessment of you. Dolph Ziggler’s the first guy that comes to mind, when they had a singles program together, in the beginning, John was all for it,” Eck said. “John wanted to work with Dolph. And they did the house show loop together and as the heel, the heel traditionally calls the matches and John was letting Dolph call the matches and er… he wasn’t impressed.”

“And apparently John gave his assessment to Vince of Dolph and I think that sort of played into Vince’s thoughts already about Dolph and once that program ended it ended rather abruptly because Vince told us in a booking meeting one day: ‘God, I think we’re doing a disservice to John, this is bringing John down’ and so Dolph was moved out of that program.”

John Cena is a measuring stick in this kind of regard as Vince McMahon likes to see how someone measures up to his greatness when they stand right next to him. However, it might be a little difficult for Baron Corbin to live up to all the hype he might still surprise his critics. It will be very interesting to see how SummerSlam pans out for The Lone Wolf. But we’re still rooting for Baron Corbin.

Credit for the quotes in this article goes to The Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast

  • Arnold Jackson

    Or Cena might just not like the guy who was dating Nikki Bella right before him. Nah who could be just that petty right? 😉

  • CC

    So if there is any truth to this, when Cena says he does not bury anyone, he actually meant he buries whoever he wants.
    By saying he was not impressed with how Dolph called the match could just be a case of he could not do what was being asked of him, so he claimed the calls were bad.

    Seriously, if you cannot get a good match out of Dolph, then Dolph aint the problem.