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Vince McMahon Talks About WrestleMania Buys, Takes Shot at UFC and More

The Hollywood Reporter is featuring an interview with Vince McMahon. Here are some highlights.

Concerning leaving The USA Network for TNN (now Spike TV) years ago: “We became the No. 1 show on USA. And they wouldn’t be No. 1 right now in primetime if not for Raw. We switched one time to what became the Spike network and became the No. 1 show there. We have proved that we can pretty much make TV networks.”

About using Social Media: “Back in the early days, our performers elicited a response — a boo or a cheer. Today, we use all this social media. We are going to do Tout, in which the WWE just invested. With that, you get a 15-second video shout-out that goes straight to our TV programs. Beginning with the 1,000th show, people can participate in terms of the types of matches and what actually happens on air. It will be the most interactive TV programming in the world.

Why WWE stars are ready to be hits in Hollywood: Our talent is taught not to be prima donnas, to be on time and know their lines. And quite frankly, people in Hollywood, once they see what we do, they are amazed. Our talent doesn’t demand the biggest trailer or a certain amount of grape juice or whatever the hell it is. Our talent is extremely flexible and knows how to act, so it’s a logical extension for them.

On WWE vs. UFC: We’re in show business, they are a sport. Their ratings are abysmal. They are in the pay-per-view business, and they do reasonably well there. We just set a record for WrestleMania. We had 1.3 million buys for this year’s WrestleMania, and our pay-per-view numbers for our shows have been up 30 percent since then. So, we are looking pretty good.

  • ant

    poko makes sense

  • poko

    I don’t think you could call the UFC “way more popular” than the WWE. Yes, it usually beats it PPV-wise, but it’s a PPV-centric product. If you’re a UFC fan, then you’re almost certainly going to watch the PPVs. With the WWE, however, you can be a fan and never once order a WWE PPV. It’s just a very different situation. The WWE almost certainly has more fans total because of the popularity of their weekly television show.

    Also, the biggest draw the UFC ever had was a former professional wrestler.

  • Jay

    UFC PPV buys trump WWE PPV buys all the time. UFC 148 had close to a million PPV buys

  • D2K

    Vince McMahon, delusional?…………Get outta town! 🙂

  • Paul E Not-so-Dangerously

    Vince obviously can’t handle the fact that UFC is WAY more popular than WWE right now.

  • Robinson

    Yea vkm ufc is doing ”ok” in ppv, rrriiiggghhttt lol sikky Vince.

  • ant

    haha what a bunch of haters above me

  • D2K

    @SuperCena: You know, that just…might…happen…… :/

  • SuperCena < Divorce Papers

    More socially interactive? What’s next? The fans are going to pick who wins each match?

  • DX vs the nation

    When Vince bought wcw wrestling died

  • Bill

    I bet the GM of Raw will end up to be the “WWE Universe” using Tout & Twitter.

  • paul

    the buys have been the lowest in years according to everyone in wwe thats not vince mcmahon