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Vince McMahon Worried About a WrestleMania Power Outage, Backstage Battleground News

– It was said to be a mess backstage at the WWE Battleground pay-per-view as the script was finalized the Friday before but now WWE creative isn’t being told about the match finishes until about two hours before showtime, which is why the betting odds swings are taking place later than before. It’s believed people in WWE call or text friends or family and have them bet for them, as opposed to people betting themselves from the arena.

– Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn “flipped their lids” when the power outage before the Battleground main event happened. It’s said Vince is now paranoid that the same thing is going to happen at WrestleMania XXX because it happened during the Super Bowl in the same building that will host WrestleMania. Vince’s concern is that not only are they running in the same building, but WrestleMania uses more power than the Super Bowl between lighting, pyro, production and everything else.


  • Shawn Bronald

    Hopefully, if it happens, it happens before the Undertaker’s match. That way, no one will know anything went wrong.

  • God of Entertainment


  • God of Entertainment

    MSG or Candlestick park shouldve been the destination choices anyway. Good luxk Vincent Kennedy McMahon

  • Kristopher Robinson

    That’s the same thing I was thinking; WM1, WMX, and WMXX sounds like a no brainer.

  • millerj265

    Why would he have it at MSG when he can fill a stadium and make five times the profit? I’m all for tradition and I love MSG but come on man there running a business it would be more then selfish of him to run it at MSG and cost his company, his employees and there families, and his investors millions of dollar. To put it in perspective WrestleMania 20 at MSG drew 2.4 million in ticket sales, and is the highest grossing ppv the wwe has ever held at MSG. WrestleMania 29 drew over 10 million in ticket sales, that’s 5 times more then the highest grossing event the wwe has ever held in MSG which was WrestleMania. So even though I wish the wwe would follow some wrestling traditions a lot more closely, this is a tradition I am okay with them shying away from because there a business with employees to pay and investors to satisfy.

  • Solid

    If its guaranteed money why not bet on it? 😛

  • Also, too bad Vince. Maybe you should have had it at MSG to keep with tradition….

  • A) Betting on pro wrestling is beyond retarded. B) Shows now mapped out until 2 hours before or less? Sounds like WCW to me……..

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Well Vince, make sure it doesn’t happen !