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Vince McMahon Says WWE Could ‘Get Out of the films business’

– During today’s WWE investor’s conference call, Vince McMahon discussed the future of WWE Films. McMahon stated that the company was optimistic that the new model under the supervision of Studios head Michael Luisi will ensure the long-term viability of the division. But he did note that if things did not work out, that they could bail from the film business, stating the following…

“If new films strategy does not work, we will get out of films business. (But) I really feel strongly that under this new guidance, this really will work.

“I really think this is going to work. There is a specific time when we say, ‘This is not working.’ But, I don’t think we’ll get there.”

McMahon then noted that losses from the previous model have been accounted for, which means there will not be a constant series of impairment charges going forward. He also stated that the strategy going forward is to spread out expenses and risk with other production companies.

CFO George Barrios then added that they are budgeting a significant amount for expenses to hold up their end of the bargain. He noted that they are budgeting $15-25 million for 2012, which allows them to participate in 4-8 movies.

Finally, it was noted that it will take time to evaluate the success or failure of the movies produced and distributed under the new model because some films will not be released until 2013 and 2014.

  • venom


    I hope you are right. When I see the WWE logo then I know it’s a horrible movie. lol.

  • me

    no shit vince, no shit.

  • Mark

    maybe vince should concentrate on getting the wwe product right before going into films

  • Good R-Truth

    WWE studios might do a remake of Leprechaun with Hornswoggle.

    It will be another multi-award winning horror film just like See No Evil.

  • shawn

    @CC i see. production companies helping out with expenses. crazy ones.

  • voice of reason

    didnt the wwe look into a 200 million dollar loan for their movie making enterprises a few monthss ago

  • rob

    “could”? or “should”?

  • scooter

    ^ that was meant to say I’m not one of these marks ah fail!

  • scooter

    @true money
    yeah I like cena cause you know I’m one of these marks who know better than the workers people who can tell he’s handicapped by his gimmick and that he’s actually a good worker.
    and look at the facts fred the movie as crap as it was cena was actually alright in his bit part and his performance was the only redeeming thing about legendary it was crap like the marine and 12 rounds that made him look crap when he was given a role where he could actually showcase himself he was pretty good.
    but you know like I said what do I know I’m just a “cena fan”

  • milkdud

    Direct to dvd is not in the film business

  • Bill

    Maybe if the movies were actually realistic & Cena & HHH didn’t star in all of them, then they’d be good. Why not have the superstars play character like their TV ones? Ryder could be in a road trip movie or something, Punk as a “regular guy” in a satirical comedy, or Orton as some sort of insane assasin.

  • True money

    Writing doesn’t make a actor terrible an actor makes themselves terrible. -.- cena fans…

  • scooter

    sad thing is the shitty writing made john cena who is a suprisingly good actor seem terrible!

  • MJ

    Vince must be watching the offtheropes show LOL. The only 2 movies i remember wwe making were see no evil and the marine. Other then that they their movies are terrible! The other 2 were written poorly and now they are making movies with randy orton, hhh, hell why didnt they put eddie guerreo in a fucking movie!? I’d pay to see that other then that all the current wrestlers cant talk on the mic there for they are Horrible actors! Vince stop it with the wwe flims shit you dont know what your doing!

    XFL + WWE Flims = EPIC FAIL!

  • V-R-A


    Yeah, its a much better direction for WWE Studios. Luisi has an impressive resume and knows what he’s doing. The marketing and funds WWE Films has will help it to be a VERY strong studio under his direction. I know that sounds weird, but thats why they hired him. You can’t have Vince who knows how to run a wrestling company run a film company. They are two completely different things. It will allow WWE to get their talent into bigger projects also smaller projects as well to see if they can really “act” on film rather than on TV in the ring. In the 2013-2014 years WWE Films will have some quality behind their product and it will show.

  • CC

    That business plan makes a lot more sense as it would probably allow them to place their wrestlers in potentially bigger budget films rather than building movies around them. Its pretty much what they did with The Rock in The Mummy 2.

  • V-R-A

    I work in the entertainment industry. And I’ve done a little bit of research on WWE Films new plan. They will be producing movies, but not just their own. They will be helping fund other studios projects as a way to get money from those projects that don’t have the “WWE” logo on them. Cuz lets face it when people see that they loose a lot of interest in film. Also WWE is targeting becoming a distribution company and going to start buying films soon to sell.

  • CC

    @shawn. I dont believe thats the entire budget of the films as it says “hold up their end of the bargain” which to me means that there are other investors who make up the budget per film.
    That said, I believe they dont spend much more than 20mil on a film, which is still an incredibly low budget in this day and age.

  • Jake

    Wwe was never in the film buisness…… I mean The Chaperone!?!? really?

  • VenomEX

    they should rename it “XFL FILMS”

  • shawn

    $15-$25 million budget between 8 movies? im no producer but i have no faith in the quality of those movies unless thier stories are written well. i also think they’ll have no movie star power