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– Backstage at RAW this week, there was a lot of talk about how bad Bully Ray came off on Twitter with his comments about WWE TLC. Here’s what he wrote:

“Dudleys, Hardys, E&C…still the KINGS of TLC. Anybody doubt that? Of course not. #BULLYNATION”

– There was concern at this week’s TV tapings that the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut may affect the product in some way because of an anti-violence media backlash, particularly when it comes to shows that draw kids. Vince McMahon told people that he expects to be targeted for the effect wrestling has on children, and that they will fight back with charity work and pushing the idea that WWE is family entertainment.

– WWE United States Champion Antonio Cesaro continues to work with torn tendons and broken fingers in his right hand.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • yofitz

    Fatty Ray sucks.

  • Sean

    Blame everyone or everything except the killer himself. I get so tired of reading or hearing people play the blame game, its guns, its video games, its movies, entertainment, etc. It was a man who was unstable. The guy was hellbent on doing what he did, stop playing the blame game and instead put that energy to better use. Instead of the media blaming this or that, they could use their power to promote awareness about mental health and educate their viewers how to watch for signs instead of getting people hyped up about television violence or whatever else they want to blame it on.

  • SYM

    Doesn’t matter what you think about Bully Ray, WWE backstage think he’s a retard. End of.

    WWE > TNA

  • moo

    don’t see anything wrong with what Bully said, why would WWE even care?

    and Bully Ray can kick Lesners ASS Bro!

  • D1

    Yeah the comment about Lesnar and Bully Ray, hope that’s a joke.

  • muh boy

    more pg shit. nice

  • Lew

    Yea I like bully ray but no way he is beating lesnar in real life

  • dave

    people have murdered others for fame long before there was guns,tv and wrestling

  • manee

    I wish Vince cared as much about the fans as he does the media.

  • WOW

    You know you could also combat Violence being aimed towards kids? Change the product to be aimed towards teens and adults.

  • Territories

    Bully Ray comes across as a real person I bet in a real life street fight he would put Lesnar on his back quick!

  • GreasyRabbit75

    Ah, Bully Ray and his Twittah! That said, he’s not wrong…

  • TheSheepDog

    Now i dont agree with living in the past, but Bully made a valid point, those matches can still and will, be enjoyable to watch regardless of generation/era.

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