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Vince Russo Continues To Believe He Was The Reason For WWE’s Success In The late 1990’s

Former TNA creative writer Vince Russo appeared on a recent episode of the WOOOOO! Nation with Ric Flair podcast and during that interview he spoke about fans always telling him that the reason the Attitude Era was successful was because his ideas were filtered through Vince McMahon:

“A lot of people said that Vince was that editor, well, the fact of the matter is that Vince McMahon is still there and Vince McMahon has been there for the last fifteen years as ratings have gone down every single year, so the fact is, if Vince was my editor, and that was the reason of the success behind Vince Russo and the Attitude Era, well then how do we explain the next fifteen years?,” Russo asked.

To check out the podcast in its entirety, click here.

  • CC

    Russo worked well as part of a group, but when he was given more creative control (see WCW and TNA) that’s when things went downhill.
    I think where you say “he did add to some..” is a perfect description of how much credit he can take. He would have us believe he did everything, when really he just added bits here and there.

  • jack

    the reason 1996 to 2001 was so good in wrestling is because in real life there was a massive storyline, WWF v WCW, and we all knew only one was going to win. i do wonder tho was it something you had to live through to fully appreciate how FUN wrestling was back then. think about how someone who was born in 1998 was maybe 7 when they saw john cena for the first time and now that person is going to college and their ONLY memory of the top guy/story in wrestling is john cena. sobering thought eh? anyway my point is that I’m not sure that that person would really enjoy the MNW era content. maybe to them it seems very similar to what we see today but, for us who were fans during those years, it was magical. like how many fans under 20 even know the feeling of seeing a wrestler from a different organisation show up in the other company. just seeing them standing in the different ring felt like seeing iron man meet superman. it really did.
    i think the children who were wrestling fans in the 80s/early 90s were teenagers and young adults during the MNW and attitude era and by the time john cena arrived were kinda over wrestling in a way. today WWE is doing the PG era to get a new generation of people to love wrestling while also doing the “reality era” for smart fans. its such a tough balancing act i think. nowadays we have Facebook, youtube and online gaming for entertainment and distraction so i wonder do people who even like wrestling nowadays find themselves thinking about it between episodes. i used to wonder all week what would happen on raw/nitro and think about all the possible things that COULD happen. today is there even one new storyline that you could even dream up that would be fun to see on Raw on monday? john cena is already a heel and a face at the same time. turn him heel officially and it won’t even be fun to boo him then and the kids won’t have anyone to cheer for. its a complete stalemate lol.
    i think the WWF and mainstream pro wrestling in general was trying to find its place in our culture since WM1 and that meant knowing who their product was aimed at. it was once for kids, then for teens and now its found its place and i don’t think it will ever leave this place. wrestling and WWEs product will be corporate, PG and “reality” from here on out. that might sound limiting but who knows. pixar movies are made for both children and grown ups at the same time and they are masterpieces. plus i don’t think “edginess” is even interesting nowadays. miley cyrus is just mostly boring for instance. WWE feels a lot like Avengers movies

  • Armitage Soulshroude

    VInce Russo maybe egotistical to some, even a bit overstated at times… but he did add to some relevant storytelling and did a good job in creative. We can’t discount him for that. But to call VInny Mac out on that account, is just plain idiocy.

  • Joe Sweat

    THIS JUST IN!!! : Vince Russo is still Vince Russo! He has not become a totally different person in case you were worried that he was. It’s okay. Rest easy. Take a deep breath.