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Vince Russo No Longer TNA’s Head Writer

Bruce Prichard has replaced Vince Russo as the TNA creative team’s head writer. Prichard also heads the talent relations department. Russo is now considered basically a senior writer, continuing to write the actual shows along with Matt Conway, once the direction has been mapped out by Prichard, who also signs off on the scripts.

Although they’ve been heading to this change for a couple of months, the move became official within the last week or so. There are people within the company who aren’t happy to see Prichard gain so much power this early in his run with the company, primarily due to his reputation for playing political games during his WWE run. However, if the last few weeks of improved television are any indication, this is a good move as far as the television product is concerned.


  • D2K

    Wow. I’m REALLY out of the loop. I had no idea Bruce Pritchard had even left WWE.

  • Bawb


    I read that in such a serious tone and fucking died.

  • venom


    lol. I don’t think there is anymore TNA marks.

    If this improves their storylines then I am for this. I want to like TNA again.

  • Ironcross

    i want to rape an Impact wrestling Mark until he begs for mercy

  • Treg

    At first I was like HOLY CRAP THEY FINALLY DID IT! But then read more that he’s still employed as a writer.. total downer. Yeah.. nothing’s gonna change. In fact, who knows, it might get worse.

  • Sean Mooney

    Bruce Pritchard? “I love you, BROTHER DUGGAN”. Good ol’ Brother Love. B)

    I don’t think Russo no longer being head writers (regardless of when the change was made), will have much of a difference.

  • Chris E.

    The one thing I hate about the current TNA which was rampant in recent past of WWE is the mutual respect speeches by the talent to one another. Check out Bad News Allen speak about David Schultz or Schultz talking trash about Lawler (about no one would be Lawler’ tag partner cause he has aids) on Youtube. I want to hear serious hate, and venom between competitors.

  • MJ

    The fact is that when i watched TNA Impact i heard Bobby roode say that him, aj styles, james storm, and daniels were all young talens right? They are vets in TNA they shouldn’t be called the young guys and daniels is in his 40’s but you get what i mean. For the past couple of years Kurt angle, sting, and usually former wwe stars were apart of the world title hunt since 2006 all the way till now. look at who held the tna world title this year. A former wwe star, Sting, and kurt angle. i think the reason angle isn’t in wwe is because he can do whatever he wants in TNA and the type of things that he has been doing like getting hammered while driving drunk not once but twice would more then likely fire him. But the point im getting at is that TNA has been pushing the same guys for years!

  • adam62

    i havnt watch tna in 2 months because the writing suck, hogan SHOULD NOT BE IN A MATCH PERIOD, and they havn’t pushed any young talent since 2007

  • Valo487

    This is a long overdue development.

  • kane

    As long as Dixie, Hulk and Bischoff are still around, how much is really going to change in TNA?

  • JIR

    and I still don’t care about TNA so I will be moving along

  • Effmenow

    Where the trolls at?

  • paulbstoltz

    they got this from JBL’s twitter, Thats been known for months. Late are we

  • Appocalypse

    if its better now, keep it this way.