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Vince Russo Writes Open Letter to The McMahon Family In Regards to WWE Storylines

– Vince Russo has written an open letter to Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Vince McMahon after watching this week’s WWE RAW. The letter was published on Russo’s website Here’s what he wrote:

Dear Vince, Stephanie and Hunter,

First let me apologize for my rant last night on Russo on Raw. I’m Italian, I’m emotional, I’m sorry I get that way sometimes. Come to think of it, you probably witnessed it first hand in a galaxy far, far away—many light years ago. The truth is—I hate to criticize RAW. I really do. Having been there and done that, I realize how difficult it is to come up with two hours of compelling content every week – let alone three. The job is not easy, I understand that, and nobody can be criticized for TRYING and giving their BEST EFFORT—nobody. But . . . the question I have to ask is: “Is what we see every Monday Night honestly and truly your best effort? I just know that having worked with all three of you in the past, I don’t think any of us would have been satisfied, or even ALLOWED last night’s show to air in its final form. Are we seriously not better than that? What happened to our mantra during the Attitude Era when this week’s show was going to be better than last weeks? Remember that, Vince?

I don’t know what it is. I don’t know the structure, because I am not there, but nobody—NOBODY—can tell me that with a bit more effort you couldn’t be doing better than what WE THE PEOPLE are being exposed to every Monday Night. Look—we all love wrestling, we are all HUGE fans of the WWE and in all truthfulness—WE WANT TO LIKE THE SHOW!!! But, you just make it so difficult. Asking anybody to sit through three hours of what you’re currently putting on the air is not only asking too much . . .but, it’s also unfair.

Look, I’m not going to tell you what to do, or how to do it, who am I? All I’m asking is that you all ask each other—is this the best that World Wrestling Entertainment has to offer its fans? If the answer is yes, that I guess I’ve just over-rated you, however, I think we all know that’s not the answer. I don’t think any of you can walk away from that building on Monday night honestly believing that you had just put your best foot forward. I don’t believe that for a second.

Right now, you have an UNBELIEVABLE talent roster, up and down from first match to main event, but the writing and producing of the show is just not serving them justice. You have to know that. What happened to the work ethic and the commitment that we all shared during the Attitude Era? What happened to that passion, when we literally used to leave our own BLOOD, SWEAT and TEARS on the script that we wrote. If something didn’t exceed our expectations we were sick over it for days—I know I was.

Vince, Stephanie, Triple H, YES we will always be here no matter what. We support you, and we support the WWE, but the truth is . . . we deserve better. And, deep down inside I know that you know that.

With 1,000% sincerity.


Your Former Head Writer

Vince Russo

  • Stuntman Mike

    I’ve been a WWE/WWF fan all the way back to the mid 80’s. The early 90’s saw it grind into a rut after the whole steroid thing, but Bret Hart began to bring emotion and credibility back to the genre and set the stage perfectly for the Attitude Era. The wrestlers were given a lot more creative control then, and they have virtually none now, and we have the worst string of Raw episodes ever, EMBARRASSINGLY bad. The Attitude Era will never be revived as long as the McMahons have their sights set on politics and Washington, so this is what we’re stuck with.

  • d_pooch

    Well said. I wonder if anyone’s paying attention.

    Twice he mentioned the passion and commitment of the Attitude era, but McMahon’s mantra has always seemed to be “leave them wanting more” and “save it for the pay per view.” I think that’s why we are left with the product we currently have. Every week is about setting up storylines, character development, and throwing little morsels out there to hold us over, all while barely keeping our interest.

  • mustang

    Well he’s bang on…maybe russo can be somewhat a asset to the wwe. The product obviously stinks and the writers are way to predictable. But hey it is what it is

  • Don Kim

    Usually I tend to ignore Russo’s voice because he seems to be bitching about everything.
    But I think he was spot on this time.

  • DC40

    @disqus_ZqDJpK5puf:disqus “It’s like the WWE is trying so hard to appeal to every demographic that they’re ending up with a bland, soulless product that interests no one, least of all wrestling fans”. I think you nailed it one the head. What they are putting out now is garbage compared to the 90’s. The biggest difference of now vs. then is WWE had a specific demographic that allowed them to remain focused and grow the company even with a questionable roster during a time when WCW was at its highest. Would the “attitude era” style work now? Honestly I think it would be a better product on TV especially with the talent of the roster, but let’s be honest WWE makes it’s money off kids and merchandise which would decline. At this point WWE is like a lost puppy who needs to find its way back home. The stories are predictable, unentertaining, and most of all BORING. So lets hope WWE can find a way to re-interest the fans and go back to a quality production.

  • new8406


    Just joking…Although, honestly, he couldn’t have been more accurate. I’ve been a fan for nearly 2 decades, and this crap they’re putting out there is just uncomfortable to watch at some times…

  • poko

    I know people are going to get angry simply because it’s Vince Russo saying this but damn if he isn’t right. Last Monday night’s RAW was as bad a program as I’ve seen in years. It’s like the WWE is trying so hard to appeal to every demographic that they’re ending up with a bland, soulless product that interests no one, least of all wrestling fans.