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– The February 19th episode of WWE’s Friday Night SmackDown scored a 1.9 broadcast rating with 3,264,000 viewers.

– Several readers sent word that WWE is advertising next weeks John Cena vs. Vince McMahon match as the first meeting of the two but that’s incorrect. Readers recall the two facing off back in March of 2006 before WrestleMania.

– It’s believed WWE is trying to get NXT star David Otunga’s fiancee Jennifer Hudson to sing the National Anthem at WrestleMania this year.

– While WWE revealed a few more details regarding the format of NXT on last night’s show, they have still yet to make an official mention of what the winner of season one receives.

There have been several ideas thrown around such as the first place guy getting a RAW deal and the second place guy getting a SmackDown spot but that idea didn’t come across too well. There is talk also of having something along the lines of two winners, putting them on each brand as a way of not burying one of the brands.

  • Shawn (wrestling freak)

    Smackdown is just on a bad night it could be just as strong as RAW if it was on Thursday night and Superstars on Friday because TNA is goin to monday nights anyway. (Not to say they are that much of a threat but i think that WWE is goin to bury TNA and all their “TNAMANIACS” which is really just 500 people who go and watch TNA while WWE is performing before 17,000 people.

  • Allen

    I used to watch smackdown every week on thursdays until they swtiched it to friday, I don’t know about you, but I’m rarely home on a friday to watch Smackdown. I wish they would change it back, but they wont.

  • Spy

    I watch Smackdown sometimes but Raw is more of a habit

  • stockshark

    I could not agree more with this statement “Edited by me sorry Rated E-dgehead for the editing” made by Rated E-dgehead You nerds get on my nerves criticising every thing about wrestling. Either just be a fan, watch it, and enjoy it or shutup and get on with your life! lmao

  • Tito

    They keep treating Smackdown as the second rate show, but I think it is better than Raw!

  • kerry

    if i got mynetworktv i would watch smackdown buti dont get that channel out here in bumfuck egypt….so therefore i only get to watch the lousy ass monday night raw

  • cheesehandler

    why dont you computer nerds…the ones coles talkin about…..change the damn channel

  • edgehead

    Well for me. I love Smackdown more than Raw but i work Every Friday Night til Midnight so i am not able to watch Smackdown and i dont work on Mondays due to College schedule so i am able to watch Mondays.

  • Joey

    LOL @ Nottingham. Same here I hardly catch Smackdown cos I too have a life. Some of the guest hosts I didn’t mind happening but as time has gone on they have done less and less. Do it properly or scrap it. A guest host could come on and say for a hypothetical example,

    @ Backlash or (whatever its called now) Batista vs Morrison for the WWE Title because I said so.

    It would make sense because the guys aren’t involved in wrestling and could get new guys over and some weeks the heels have it bad other weeks the opposite. Except WWE has turned it into the Monday Night Raw sketch show hosted by XYZ. That only works some of the time.

  • AJ

    Michael Cole mentioned twice on last weeks show that they receive a RAW contract

  • edgehead15

    “they have still yet to make an official mention of what the winner of season one receives.”

    Wow this sums it all up. WWE freaking admitted it themselves. So they make a series and still don’t know what the winner receive. Yep they have admitted it. They freaking book last minute. This was suppose to be done booked the week before it aired.

  • Notingham

    Well without the childish profanity of the Edgehead’s post…

    Yes, people watch Monday out of habit. I’ve probably missed a few Raws since I was a kid. But I almost never catch smackdown. it’s mostly out of habit, but also because i’m a person with a life who tends to be out on Fridays.

    Guest hosts have actually made me want to turn RAW off. i’M REALLY hoping after WM that they get rid of the idea.

  • Rated E-dgehead

    Fucking dumb ass pieces of shit. Raw was getting a 3.5 before the guest hosts. The reason it gets better ratings, first of all people are used to wrestling on Monday nights.
    Secondly Raw always has the big stars that more casual fans would want to see like Triple H and Cena.

    You mother fuckin nerds get on my nerves criticising every thing about wrestling. Either just be a fan, watch it, and enjoy it or shut the fuck up and get on with your life! lmao

  • Devil_Rising

    Because non-wrestling fans will tune in to watch the stupid guest host spots…which is precisely why they keep doing it.

    Otherwise, Raw has been bad enough for the last couple years, easily, to get lower ratings than that.

    As bad as Impact usually is, Raw has been right there with it at times.

  • Scooter

    impact is catching up on smackdown but what the fuck are people smoking raw gets a 3.5 etc. and the actual good show gets a 1.9 this is just plain confusing to me

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