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Vince’s Mood at This Week’s RAW, Edge DVD News, Alex Riley, Austin Box Set

– Several WWE stars were interviewed for Edge’s new DVD at Monday’s RAW Supershow.

– A new Steve Austin DVD box set will be released on October 3rd in the UK. “The Steve Austin Collection” will come with some of his recent action movies – Born to Fight (Knockout), The Stranger and Hunt to Kill.

– Alex Riley revealed on Twitter that he will have his first WWE t-shirt and action figure soon. Riley’s first figure comes packaged with The Miz in one of Mattel’s “Battle Packs.”

– As noted before, people were on edge backstage at Monday’s RAW because of how Vince McMahon flipped out the week before. We’re glad to report that this week was a “Happy Vince” week.

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  • Monty

    Ive seen The Wrestler with Mickey Rourke. I know happens backstage.

  • Nicholas G

    Man I think the internet blow stuff like this way out of whack. I mean let me ask you people a question you know for sure if Vince Mac was upset at his name being called out last week? You do know at lot of the story lines that are written goes though Vince first right. So maybe this is another one of these long rumors where the internet always seem to spread when in fact the internet people has never step foot in a backstage event at the WWE. I don’t believe everything that is talk about on the internet to me there has been no dough in my mind. That Vince Mac has been the one pulling the strings of John whats his name. It is going to lead to a Vince vs HHH feud you watch an in the end HHH will have full control of the WWE an change will finally happen.

    I don’t believe everything the internet said all it is nothing but rumors. An most of the time the internet are proven wrong time an time again. Why because nobody on the internet has every been backstage to a live WWE event. Which is why stuff like this I never could believe unless you have been backstage you don’t know what really happens in the WWE.

  • Sean Mooney

    I’d like to receive daily updates on Vince’s mood.

  • voice of reason

    i’ve never seen any of those austin movies are they well worth the watch or should i wait for them to come to tv?

  • Pig


    “Sadly we rarely get “Happy Vince Day.” Vince need anger management more than Orton does”

    We???? You work for WWE?

  • voice of reason

    i have to agree with ron but my guess is does vince need an anti depressant or does he need to get checked for dementia because his mood has been very irratic over the last few years

  • Jon

    Sadly we rarely get “Happy Vince Day.” Vince need anger management more than Orton does

  • breezy

    alex riley is forgotten already… he is still just someone was following miz around… and now look his toy comes with miz also? his career isnt going anywhere anytime soon

  • BlahH

    ahhhh, everything went good for the Bubble Boy this week.
    Watch that temper Vinnie you’re getting up there in age.
    We dont need u dropping dead backstage one of these days.

  • venom

    Vince must have finally got laid.