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Vladimir Kozlov Update, Jericho Takes a Shot at CM Punk, RAW on Tour, Sin Cara

– Former WWE star Vladimir Kozlov will be wrestling on the IGF show in Japan on September 3rd. He will be going under the name Alexander Kozlov. Former WWE stars David Hart Smith and Bobby Lashley will also be in action.

– Chris Jericho wrote the following on last night’s RAW about CM Punk: “Another Raw, another stolen move. I expect that from a rookie or a diva, but et tu Punk? BACK OFF….”

– Two readers sent word that there was no Sin Cara merchandise for sale at last night’s RAW in Tulsa.

– The WWE RAW brand is headed to Puerto Rico for a quick tour this week.

  • lazlo woodbine

    What about Alex Koslov getting his name stolen? What name’s he using these days? Carlos Sanchez?

  • Bill

    @CM Mark, it’s a long build up to an epic feud. I know your a huge CM Punk fan(I am too), but come on, Jericho’s probably one of the greatest of all time. Jericho wouldn’t say this crap. It’s pure stupidity……. unless Michael Tarver hacked his account or something…. haha.

  • CM Mark

    If you’re not gonna wrestle Chrissy then shut up.

  • scooter

    Newsflash Punks been doing the welcome to chicago motherfucker for years!
    Also Jericho thinks Punks ripping him off with the “best in the world gimmick” well Bryan Danielson, Kurt Angle and Davey Richards all say hi!
    Also the guy bitches in his book about Larry Zbysko suing him over gimmick infringement then complains when slight simmilarities appear what a hypocrite!

  • ohdear

    So wait, which wrestling move that isn’t the code breaker, the lionsault or the walls of jericho did Punk steal? Oh wat, noen, cause it’s fucking wrestling. DDP went on record as saying “I’m not in the company, big deal” on the RKO. Besides, Jericho and Punk are buddies. Considering he joked around when Yelly Yelly used the WOJ, I’m going to stick my neck out and say he’s kidding around.

  • D2K

    Yeah, they are building up a program for Punk to work against Jericho. I’m thinking that maybe if Punk/Austin falls through then Punk/Jericho would be plan B, which is one heck of a plan B. They could still do both of having Punk go over Jericho and with that momentum he officially challenges Austin to a WM match. Although Punk/Jericho easily is WM quality.

  • poko: First I did not snap at anyone. Nope I really do not care if other people like him, I myself dont hate him I think he is ok, just not my favorite. The point I am trying to make is that he is all anyone seems to care about right now. A lot of people claim the reason they dont like Cena is because he has been shoved down their throats yet the same people saying that are trying to shove Punk down everyones throat.

    And I did not say anything about the moves, Personally I have to agree with you on that one. I don’t think moves can really be stolen. I do not think it is an angle, But I do beleive Jericho is just reminding the wrestling world that he is still out there.

  • poko

    The one with the CM Punk obsession seems to be you. Does it really bother you that much if other people like him?

    Besides, the people you snapped at are right, it doesn’t matter WHO complains about having their moves “stolen”, in most cases they themselves picked it up from someone else. Personally, I don’t think moves can be stolen between or outside promotions; unless someone in your organization is using x-move, then it’s fair game.

    I hope this is a work by Jericho, but like everyone else, I have no idea if it is or not. As CC said, if Jericho is playing an angle, it seems like Punk would have retaliated already, and we’d have a full-on twitter war.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    StudDog, it is all these bandwagon jumpers. Probably the same people who didn’t like him before this push. But now he is pushing the pg boundaries people love him. People stuck in the attitude era. That isn’t to say he hasn’t een doing great lately but his promos are starting to get stale. You can only say the same things just reworded so many times.

  • CC

    If this is a work, then it doesnt make sense as he is fully committed to world tours with Fozzy up to October or November.
    No way he would come back before those dates are done.

    If its a work its a way too early. And if its not a work, then as much as I like Chris, I’d say the same about him as I said about Angle, and thats the fact that nobody owns a wrestling move.
    It also doesnt make any sense that Punk hasnt said anything back as this is the second swipe he has taken against Punk.

  • Wrong! First he took a shot at the Miz saying he stole his personality.

    Now why does everyone avoid it when asked about this Major hard on you all seem to have for Punk? And bye the way he was kinda stupid and boring last night in the ring with HHH and Nash, in fact he kinda seemed irrelevant.

  • liam

    survivor series jericho will come back… just watch

  • gav

    quite obviously an angle jericho never berates anyone on twitter then out of nowhere takin shots at punk first feud for jericho when he returns

  • da_radio_guy

    “Pretty obvious work if you ask me” Nobody asked you… LOL

  • Prince

    Think about it people. Jericho never really made comments about other wrestlers until recently. The main guy he has focused on is Punk. Coincidence. I think not. Granted he may not come back for awhile, but this is not stuff that he’d normally say. Pretty obvious work if you ask me.

  • TheMark

    Of course it’s a fucking work… jesus christ.

  • Funny, When Jericho talks about anyone else you all think it is hillarious but if he mentions Punk you all get your panties in a wad. LOL Whats up with all the dudes having a hard on for Punk?

  • Ho Lee Schitt

    and you really think its an angle? not everything happening outside the ring is an angle.

  • JAck45

    You guys honestly think this isn’t an angle?
    WOW reality check.
    Its building up to Y2J v Punk, fuck how could you guys not get this?

  • Black Scorpion

    Jericho needs to get over himself. He didn’t invent every move he ever did in the ring. Now, if Punk was doing the whole Y2J gimmick, then I could see Jericho having a gripe, but because he imitated a MOVE, Jericho needs to get over it and move on because:


  • Sammo

    Pffffft… Did Rick Martel ever blast Jericho for using the same submission finisher as him?

  • Chris E.

    Vladimir Kozlov will do great in Japan. Happy that he will keep wrestling and his time in Japan should do wonders for his “in ring” game.