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Wade Barrett Out of Action with Injury, Why MITB Was Nixed from WrestleMania 28

– Wade Barrett will be out of action for 3-4 months and will miss WrestleMania 28. Barrett underwent surgery on his dislocated elbow earlier this week and the injury is said to be far worse than originally expected.

Barrett’s injury has caused major changes to WrestleMania 28 as the plan was to have Barrett win the Money in the Bank ladder match and carry the briefcase. WWE decided this week to pull the Money in the Bank match from WrestleMania 28 due to Barrett’s injury.

Barrett wrote earlier this week that he would be off Twitter for a few months and the injury is why.


  • Arrrrrrtruth

    First off, whoever knocked Big Show for Wades injury isnt too brightWade fell wrong. Show, Ziggler and whoever else caught him all did their jobs. It’s wrestling, accidents happen.
    Next, “WWE” never said they were or weren’t going to do anything specifically yet. Reports were made based on IDEAS and RUMORS going around backstage (ie: all former champions in MitB, Wade winning, etc). Stop taking everything you read here as concrete fact.
    Too many people come here for exact and accurate news. Dirt sheets are rumors and the sites are a dime a dozen.
    I’m pretty sure WWE will change their minds (several times) on who will win at the July ppv and in the meantime they will group the remaining stars at Mania into a large (10-12 man) Funkhauser-Long tag-team match.

  • Tyler

    That is so stupid first WWE says that the MITB match will have all former world champs well last time I saw wade Barrett has never been a world champ so why would he even be in the MITB and second they pull out the MITB match at WrestleMania because of one man being injured that’s so stupid and what’s next Bryan ia not going to be the world champ by the time of the next MITB PPV and he’s going to win it again and have another stupid storyline like before

  • JIR

    Touche, @Nicholas well put

  • CC

    Bit bluntly put, but Nicholas is spot on.

  • Nicholas

    Look at all the suckers who think they pull Money In The Bank because of one person. Show how much brainwash a lot of wrestling fans are on the internet. How do you even know Wade was going to win are you backstage in the meeting. Bottom line is nobody on the internet really knows what goes on backstage. Heck most of the wrestler them self had said many times that they don’t know what goes on backstage yet the internet seems to think they know everything. An a lot of there brainwash 5% fans will by into it with out thought that maybe that the internet is the one who gets everything wrong up Pro Wrestling almost all the time. I tell you if most of us internet fans would worry about what is happen less on the internet an just watch pro wrestling without thinking what is being said on the internet you be surprise how pro wrestling is still very fun to watch. I am gulity to for being on the internet to the only thing is I don’t believe everything I read. But still there will be times a take a break from the internet and I enjoy watch pro wrestling a whole a heck lot better.

  • Devil_Rising

    That is the lamest fucking shit on earth. Not only should Wade have NOT won it….but for WWE to pull the whole match just because he’s hurt?

    God damn. So much for having more than one entertaining match at WM.

  • chronoxiong

    That sucks for Wade. So can we all blame the Big Slow for wiping out the MitB match?

  • CC

    I dont buy the fact that they have thrown the match off the card and changed July’s whole PPV just because of one guys injury.
    Sounds like a bunch of bullshit reporting to me.

  • dave

    bloody stupid. he can always win money in the bank next year. or the royal rumble. but the twittering elbow problem. WTF

  • whocares

    maybe they feel the same way i do and dont like using the mitb to elivate talent. a first time title win means a lot less when it comes with a 30 second squash match on an already beaten champion. it worked with edge because nobody saw it coming. now we all know what to expect. wwe has inovated plenty of new matches before. its time to do it again.
    also,kpnutz i doubt we will see a draft this year

  • Prince

    However, I don’t really buy that they would just throw out the match because Barrett wasn’t there to win it. They could’ve easily booked someone else due for a push to win it. It was likely scrapped due to the JL/Long match.

  • Prince

    Well at least now we know the result of one of the MITB matches at the PPV in July after Barrett is back.

  • JIR

    Goes to show you how much WWE likes/wants to promote Barrett
    Sucks he will be out for longer than expected but he is one of the guys that deserve it

  • John

    Jeff Hardy was booked to win MITB at WM24 but got suspended for drugs. So instead of scrapping the whole match they booked Punk to win instead. Why can’t they do the same this year? Plans change.

  • KpNuttzLol

    It’s a shame Barrett is out of action. It seemed like a fitting time to push him if Henry is possibly leaving and the draft not far away.

    I don’t understand why they’d scrap the entire match because there winner is injured. In 2008 Hardy got suspended and he seemed like a candidate to win but they continued the match. They could have done an angle like 2007 where somebody won the match but lost the briefcase later on to a returning Barrett..maybe an open challenge like Angles Gold Medal.

  • whocares

    I think it’s actually time to just do away with MITB altogether. The only guy who really got elevated because of it was Edge.
    Nobody wants to see a former world champ win MITB, but at the same time, People like swagger, Miz or Del Rio win it, and then don’t really have what it takes to be a world champ, and are quickly dropped back to the mid card. I would rather Wade Barrett And Dolph Zigglar win their first world title in a scheduled match that means more.
    Maybe bring back King of the Ring to set up the #1 contender for SUmmerslam.

  • Johnavan Shwarzanegger

    CmoN tHeY stIIl cAN HavE A MonEy IN tHe bAnK FoR ThE dIvAS

  • ogitchida

    WELL its nice to know that when Money in the Bank does FINALLY come around in July….. we all know whos winning the smackdown MITB…….. Wade Barrett !!!

  • TheProudRepublican

    So Wade will miss Mania thanks to that stupid fat fuck Big Slob

  • Second City Saints

    they should still have money in the bank they should give it too a young guy like ziggler and give him a push or give christain a push again

  • CC

    Come on guys, some rumours are just rumours, why take everything on news sites as fact?
    So far they havent even announced a MITB match, so how do we know Wade was gonna be the planned winner or that it has now been pulled?

    Simple fact is, if it was planned, and now its not, they will have to come up with a whole bunch of stuff to get the participants on the card and fill what would be a reasonable length slot.

    Maybe it is a true rumour, but you cant judge WWE on something like that. Theres plenty of things to judge them on without judging them on ifs whats and maybes.

  • Nicholas

    I don’t think MITB was every going to be at Wrestlmania. I say it was the internet that was wrong all along just like they are about a lot of stuff when it comes to wrestling.

  • Thumper!

    They better have Wade Barrett win the Rumble next year and get a title match at WM 29. Maybe Barrett vs. Jericho for the WWE Title. That fued would already have a good background story to it. Sucks for Wade to miss this push starting at Mania!

  • LSC

    Why scrap MITB just because the planned winner is injured. They could easily have has someone like Ziggler or Rhodes (Yes he is IC Champ but it didn’t matter for Drew McIntyre at WM26) win the briefcase and have Wade Barrett win the next one.

    Seriously WWE are not using logic. I mean imagine Cena planned to win the briefcase then BAM. Cena injured and Vince is crying now forcing him to scrap MITB.

    It’s no shock Vince and his labrats have decided to scrap MITB because Vince makes stupid choices day by day!

  • D2K

    Wait. When was the MITB match put back IN Wrestlemania? Is there still gonna be a MITB PPV?

    I mean, I prefer for MITB to be at Wrestlemania myself, but this is kinda confusing.