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Wade Barrett Resurfaces, CM Punk Longest Title Reign, Problems Ordering PPV

– Wade Barrett was spotted at a Philadelphia restaurant over the weekend, according to the Philadelphia Daily News. Entertainment reporter Dan Gross reported the following.

“WWE wrestler Wade Barrett was happy to sign autographs for a few young fans over dinner Saturday at Saloon (750 S. 7th).”

– CM Punk’s title reign is now the longest since John Cena (September 17, 2006 to October 2, 2007).

– Several readers have sent word that DirectTV customers were having problems ordering WWE’s No Way Out pay-per-view event last night.


  • dwewa

    Instead of telling the truth that nobody wanted to buy the crappy PPV they make up a false story about subscribers having trouble ordering it, typical Vince!

  • Pyro

    God, I hope Wade gets back in time for MITB and they actually give him the briefcase. Save us from Cody or Dolph being world champion. Can’t see it happening, though.

  • scooter

    From what I’ve heard from guys I know who have worked with wade is that he’s a nice guy but he is legitimately tough and you wouldn’t want to get on his bad side which I could honestly believe by the way he carries himself on tv.

  • ant

    @Knightcon my thoughts exactly i wouldnt mind Punk being WWE Champion for a few more months as long as he keeps on putting on good matches thats all i care about

  • Knightcon

    @ bad man they confirmed 2. And didn’t they say they didn’t haveone at wrestlemaina because Barrett was hurt? Is he still a planed winner? And he’s been active as hell on Twitter about the euro cup. As for punk let him hold the title title they build ziggler. I have no problem with carrying the title. Hogan had a long run as did randy savage. He’s giving us great matches so its OK.

  • John

    Punk might be enjoying a long title reign but in many ways it’s lost meaning. It occured to me that since winning the title (including the match he won it in) Punk’s only main evented 1 PPV as champion. When I say main event I mean the last match on the card. And the one PPV he did main event was TLC, a B-level ppv that John Cena wasn’t even on. So far all of 2012’s ppvs, minus the royal rumble, all featured John Cena’s matches as the main events. Is this WWE telling us that John Cena is bigger than the WWE Championship? It seems that way.

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    Ziggler, Rhodes, and Barrett, top three favorites to win MITB I would say. Has it been confirmed if there’s going to be one or two MITB matches this year?

  • ant

    i honestly dont understand how people can complain about a great wrestler like cm punk having a long title reign like the guys had huge number of great matches since winnning the wwe championship and he will continue to be on a roll unlike some wrestlers cough *bobby roode* cough who should have been dropped the title

  • WWEfan

    Didn’t expect a person like Barrett to be nice to the fans. But of course, he’s not busy eating and getting back on the road for the next show.