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Wade Barrett Returns, Booker T Fines Kane, Shane McMahon Spotted

– Shane McMahon was recently spotted at a Brooklyn Cyclones baseball game in Brooklyn, New York.

– Wade Barrett returned to SmackDown on last night’s episode. He squashed Yoshi Tatsu and finished him off with a big elbow to the head. Barrett declared after the match that he is open for business.

– The storyline with Josh Mathews threatening SmackDown General Manager Booker T is apparently over. Mathews says he is ready to move on after Booker T took action against Kane this week. The storyline is that Booker fined Kane an undisclosed amount for both of his attacks on Mathews.

  • DaveyH

    I’d like to think the point was to give him a meaningless match to get over his new no nonsense, bare knuckle fighter approach. His promo after the match summed up what he thought of this squash match so with any luck he’ll start some anti establishment destructive crusade to get himself back in the picture. I also hope this means he’ll go with a tweener mindset, yes he’s a good heel but just about every credible gimmick in WWE at minute is a heel, with only Super Cena, smiley Sheamus and boring Randy in the spotlight as faces. Plus if Orton goes heel soon that will leave a bigger gap, so provided they don’t make Barrett all smiley and fan friendly a I think he’d make a good credible face.

  • me

    Most lackluster return in recent memory, they killed all momentum Barrett had from those cheesy promo’s, but at least they built hype, then he randomly appears and squashes yoshi mitsu, what’s the point…

  • simon07

    It won’t be over…

  • Sammo

    Wow – what an awesome pay off to that storyline!