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- In an interview with IGN.com, Nexus leader Wade Barrett said that his finishing move was taught to him by Colt Cabana. “That was something that was actually taught to me by a wrestler on the independent scene named Colt Cabana. He showed me that a few years ago and it was a move that I’d never seen used before.

“Apparently it gets used a bit in Mexican wrestling circles, but it wasn’t one that I was familiar with. I liked it because it was different and it was a move that I could use on the vast majority of people in a lot of different circumstances and in a lot of different areas in the ring. I could pull the move off from almost anywhere. So it was a versatile move that I thought looked good.”

Barrett also discussed his Survivor Series match: “This time I’m going to be on my own against Randy Orton with John Cena as the referee, and it’s a huge moment for me and it really shows how much I’ve come in the last year, considering one year ago I was wrestling in developmental for FCW and I wasn’t on TV or anything like that,” said Barrett. “And now, less than a year later, I’m Main Eventing one of the top pay-per-views of the year. It’s a big honor and I’m very proud of it.”

Read the full interview here here.

  • Treg

    Just another variation of the fireman’s carry drop.. big deal.

  • !?

    I still think its an absolute crime that Colt was never used to his full potential in WWE, they never gave him a chance. He would have been perfect for WWE’s PG direction. Look at his feud with Steen and Corino over this past year, it showed Cabana’s versatility with his character. How does one teach a wrestler how to do the Wasteland? You put him on your shoulders and flip him forward.

  • Al

    ya, lucha dores been using it as a basic move for years

  • Paton

    I am just waiting for it off the top rope

  • me

    how can you teach someone wasteland? it’s incredibly basic, don’t get me wrong he can wrestle and i like him, but really, really basic finisher.


    “it really shows how much I’ve come in the last year” Thats what she said ha ha

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