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Wade Barrett Scratched From Main Event, Tyler Reks Discusses WWE Career, Rosa

– Wade Barrett was advertised to face Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus in the main event at Saturday’s SmackDown live event at Copps Coliseum in Hamilton, Ontario but the match was changed to a Street Fight between Sheamus and Del Rio the World Heavyweight Champion won. Barrett instead faced Ted DiBiase, who he defeated.

– Future Endeavors ( celebrated its two-year anniversary Wednesday with a nearly two-hour interview with Gabe Tuft, known in WWE as Tyler Reks. Subjects broached include:

* How he broke into the professional wrestling industry
* How CM Punk misled him before the 2011 Royal Rumble
* The secret to Ryback’s non-existent pyro
* How his recent stripper gimmick had actually been years in the making with a story he said he has never told before
* The rise and fall of the Mid Card Mafia cartoon and its possible return
* His opinion on independent wrestlers that come into WWE
* His opinion on many WWE superstars and officials including HHH and his former partner Curt Hawkins, who he describes as a young Shawn Michaels

The full interview is available here.

– has posted new studio photos of Rosa Mendes.

  • Matt

    yofits sucks.
    YI hope he and his whole family dies soon.

  • Angry Benny

    Wade Barret and the Barret Garage is back, the bare knuckle featherweight champ is back, I like Wade, it doesn’t matter how they bring him back, if he’s that good which he is, its just a matter of time before he is the top heel, Orton has Ziggler to deal with till NOC, after that Barret can dismantle Orton to continue the fued they had when Barret left, Barret Garage!!!

  • tututut

    ok.. I`m a big WWE fan since I remember… and well to be honest I don`t like Barret not even a little bit… hes boring that`s why he`s not going to be a hugh star..

  • Diesel

    Wade >>> Sheamus

    I like Sheamus don’t get me wrong but he’s becoming really stale in all honesty, and like said above Barrett NEEDS this.

    Its just a shame he’s British and Vince is racist/biased towards us

  • JIR

    Nick I like your post until the Heyman part he wouldn’t fit in that equation yet

  • Apacaveli

    Wade Barrett Is Cool But His New Finishing Move Sucks I Liked His Wasteland Better

  • nick

    Wade Barrett made his WWE return on Friday Night SmackDown on September 7, 2012 in a squash match against jobber Yoshi Tatsu. As a huge WWE fan, it is not very often that a big name star leaves and makes a big return. It is even more rare that you get a star that is still young to leave and return after such a long absence. These returns should be epic and done correctly. It is one way to ensure that the WWE product stays fresh and compelling. While not every superstar can be like Chris Jericho and have epic returns every single time, a guy like Wade Barrett should have had a much better return than what the WWE gave him on SmackDown.

    The Build Up Begins

    The WWE did have Wade Barrett do a couple of promos here and there about him “returning to his roots” of bare knuckle style that he is known for. The promos kind of hyped him as returning as a tweener. That is a wrestler that is neither good guy nor bad guy. He did not get the hype of some larger stars, but the promos were enough to make the fans start to anticipate his return. This was perfectly set up for a huge return, because he was not in the front of anyone’s mind at the time. Yes, folks were anxious for him to get back, but nobody was really looking for it save for the Internet fans that know everything before it happens.

    Enter Yoshi Tatsu?

    Yoshi Tatsu is really fun as a character on WWE12 and he is a good wrestler in general. He is not, however, the type of guy to get folks excited. Why bring Wade Barrett back in such dull fashion? Why have him come out after bringing Tatsu out to a dark entrance? Why have him demolish a guy that many don’t even know at all? It boggles the brain why WWE would waste such a golden opportunity to either get Barrett over even farther as a bad guy, or flip him face altogether instead.

    What Should Have Happened

    During the spot between Randy Orton and Dolph Ziggler, why not bring Wade Barrett out to attack Orton from behind instead of the cowardly Damien Sandow who had just ran from the ring? The switch would have wowed fans and instantly given them both a new feud that would be white hot. If not that, then why not bring Barrett out to challenge Ryback? Further still, why not have Barrett stick his head out of the limo with C.M. Punk and Paul Heyman to close the show? The possibilities are endless, really.

    Although it was a drab WWE return, Wade Barrett returning is good news indeed. I am very happy to see him back in action and look forward to see seeing what he will do next.

  • yaz

    that barret is boring anyways and annoying

  • rabid

    @shawn exactly not only foes he have to garner the intrest he has to keep the interest

  • Shawn O B

    Wade will get there when he gets involved in future storylines. right now he has to garner interest from the right people, in which he’ll have no problem doing.

  • rabid

    Not sure of he will ever be top heel… Its a possibility but both stints as leader heel of nexus and core after 2 weeks were moderatly great at best

  • Hank Moody

    Which just goes to show you what Vince McMahon thinks about Barrett. *sigh*

    He NEEDS a world title reign, and not just a world title reign, but multiple ones, befitting of the best heel in the company, which he is. Instead, he’s going to end up a career midcarder.