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Wade Barrett Suffers Dislocated Elbow During Raw, Four Other WWE Stars Hurt

Wade Barrett suffered an injury to his left arm during the 10-Man Battle Royal on Monday’s Raw SuperShow. After being taken to a nearby medical facility for further evaluation he was diagnosed with a dislocated elbow.

The injury occurred following Barrett and R-Truth’s elimination from the match. As Truth and Barrett recovered from their eliminations on the outside, Big Show tossed Dolph Ziggler on top of them from the ring. The three WWE Superstars were knocked backwards and Barrett landed awkwardly on his arm.

Ziggler was also hurt when his shoulder and arm hit the broadcast table during the match. He was examined backstage and is said to be fine.

Cody Rhodes, Kofi Kingston and R-Truth were also hurt during the bout and received medical attention backstage. Rhodes hurt his elbow and right leg. Kingston appeared shaken up but was not seriously injured. R-Truth was assisted to the backstage area following the match.


  • venom

    It looked like Ziggler got the worst out of them all. Looks like these guys really wanted their WWE title shot at Mania. lol.

  • Plsieme

    Did anyone bother to notice it said Ziggler was “hurt” but fine, Kingston was just “shaken up,” Rhodes basically sold the injuries he already had (whether they were kayfabe or real to begin with), and Truth was only helped to the back.

    Everybody needs to calm down, only one person was hurt last night. Since when is being “shaken up” or “helped to the back” an injury? Ziggler wasn’t hurt at all, he just overacted like normal and people bought it. How can you be hurt but fine at the same time? Grow up and use your brains people.

  • donners

    This is why the positioning of the elimination chamber ppv needs to be looked at – imagine if jericho had been given a concussion which ruled him out of mania? Or Punk was seriously injured? Or any of the guys lined up for matches for that matter?

    It’s fine having a gimmick ppv, but to have it at the possible expense of the mania line-up is just plain stupid. Move it back a bit Vince, make it the one after mania and use the chamber matches to determine the new contenders to the champs

  • jeff

    You can tell Wade was really hurt wen he said ohh fuck! N the audio tried to block it

  • CC

    dislocations can be a lot worse than breaks because you risk tearing ligaments, which take longer to heal. Often never fully healing in fact.
    This is why once you dislocate something, it then has a higher chance of being dislocated again in future.
    I managed to dislocate a toe once in a motorcycle crash and the doctor told me I would have been better off breaking it as the healing process will now be far longer.
    Dislocated it nearly 10 years ago and its never been 100% since.

    Hopefully it wont be too bad for Wade with his elbow, as an elbow is a lot more important than a shitty toe.

  • Rucdogg

    Not that its anything to turn your head about but a disloacated elbow is a lot better than what it looked like and with wade yelling like it was broken in half. get well soon. and im soooooo tired of cena saying rock isnt on the show. the guy doesnt get paid as a full time wrestler ya jackass. hes there when he is scheduled…get some new material loser. not to mention the rock got bigger responses with the mention of his name than cenas entire promo

  • dan

    anyone cant hate on jericho but did u notice how at the end he walks round to the annoncers table and asks the ref “what happend to wade”…. jugde him all u like

  • Sammo

    At least The Miz can be thankful he wasn’t to blame for anyone landing awkwardly this week! Bet he’s glad he was booked to be eliminated early from the battle royal now.

  • ICE

    is it just me or do wrestlers I mean WWE Superstars get injured a lot more often than they used to? When WWE had good wrestling talent who had many years of experience and who knew how to take a bump I didn’t see these train wrecks of battle royals or maybe it’s just me? I remember the raw battle royal when it came down to edge and benoit, don’t seem to remember so many upper card guys suffering injuries especially this close to Wrestlemania.

  • Born 1990 Fan Since 93

    Wade Barrett: Dislocated Elbow and Dislocated Nose..
    Hope it isnt too serious though, I like Barrett.
    Btw his new theme still sucks

  • Prince

    It sucks really bad for him. He deserves a shot at WrestleMania. He worked all year long for it. Sucks to see anyone go down, especially the month before Mania.

  • chronoxiong

    Sucks for Wade Barrett. I feel bad for him.

  • Prince

    Go look it up if you don’t believe me. Sad, but true.

  • Prince

    Even if it’s just a simple elbow dislocation he’ll be out a few months. If it’s worse, which it looked to be, it’ll require surgery as I said, and he’ll be out a very long time.

  • Prince

    What do you mean it shouldn’t at all? It requires pretty serious surgery. He’ll be out for quite awhile.

  • Damien Phoenix

    Probably a week or two

  • hbk fan

    it shouldnt at all

  • Bawb

    For how long does a dislocated elbow sideline you?

  • Drew

    I feel really bad it looked like Wade hurt his head when he was eliminated, then his arm during the Dolph elimination, THEN!!!!!! When Cody eliminated Santino and it look he hit right on Wade’s arm again….poor wade

  • JIR

    Whats up with Dolph that bump was nasty as hell

  • wwe

    I meant cena bitches

  • wwe

    Chris Jericho you suck go do the moon walk on dancing with the stars in your Backstreet boys jacket…n word up to my boy Gena I see his attitude is coming back CENA BEATS DWAYNE that’s the movement all you haters can’t see it but you read it headlines April 2nd

  • Will Henderson

    and all the men that were hurt tonight were in the Elimination Chamber match last night, so they may had already been hurt before but made things worse.

  • WWE Insider

    Vince lucked out! 5 potential WM stars could’ve been out!

  • RAMSES 2

    what train wreck holy shit 4 guys fucked up!!! do that on cena show!!!