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Was Shawn Michaels WWE’s original choice to break the streak?

Shawn Michaels Undertaker

Amidst the reports of Shawn Michaels possibly facing the Undertaker at Survivor Series, a new interview has made many questions if he was actually the first choice to break the streak.

Inside the Ropes recently posted a Shawn Michaels interview from their official YouTube account, where he revealed that he was offered a match against Undertaker after his retirement.

According to Michaels, he was offered this bout about 4 years after his retirement in 2010, which would mean sometime around WrestleMania 30 where Brock Lesnar broke the streak:

“It was probably about four years after I retired, there was an idea that was, it was with ‘Taker again. But it was just from a creative standpoint, it was easily the most intriguing idea, one of those ones where my wife said, ‘oh, that’s pretty cool’. And that was the one, when I said no, she said ‘you really are done’.”

Now the big question is if this bout was actually for WrestleMania 30 and if Michaels was WWE”s original choice for breaking the Dead Man’s legendary WrestleMania streak?

You can check out his full interview in the video below:

  • Soulshroude

    I doubt it…. speculation will continue until the DEAD MAN himself reveals who his FIRST choice was, if any were considered other than Lesnar.

  • CC

    Just because it might have been Michaels in the match instead of Lesnar does not mean the streak would have been broken, and if it had been, it would have been the worst decision they could have made. If this was a one off match, it would have been awful having Taker lose and would have made him look incredibly weak.
    As it was, despite Lesnar being a part timer, he still was a viable threat and being defeated by Lesnar did nothing to make Taker look weak.
    Having him lose again a few years later to Reigns just made him look like he could not hack it anymore, and made Lesnars win look less impressive.

  • oppa

    Kane was originally picked to break the streak and Taker was okay with it since it made since and it was never meant for the streak to go as long as it did. But Kane turned it down because he believed the streak should never be broken.