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Watch SummerSlam 1991 In 60 Seconds, How Many Performers Have Since Died?


Continuing its promotion of SummerSlam on August 18 at the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, California, the official YouTube account of WWE has posted highlights of the 1991 version in a 60-second video. The event was highlighted by the on-screen wedding of “Macho Man” Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth, dubbed “A Match Made in Heaven” by the organization—Savage and Elizabeth had been legitimately married since December of 1984

The 1991 edition of SummerSlam is also notable for the lengthy list of performers who appeared on the show to have since died, many of which were as a result of drug-related causes. Altogether, fifteen talents who participated on the pay-per-view have passed away. The list is follows:

* Andre the Giant (André René Roussimoff)

* Big Boss Man (Raymond Washington Traylor, Jr.)

* British Bulldog (David Boy Smith)

* Earthquake (John Anthony Tenta, Jr.)

* Gorilla Monsoon (Robert James Marella)

* Hawk (Michael James Hegstrand)

* Hercules (Raymond Fernandez)

* Joey Marella (Joseph Adriano Marella)

* “Lord” Alfred Hayes (Alfred George James Hayes)

* “Macho Man” Randy Savage (Randy Mario Poffo)

* Miss Elizabeth (Elizabeth Ann Hulette)

* Mr. Perfect (Curtis Michael Hennig)

* Sensational Sherri (Sherri Schrull)

* Texas Tornado (Kerry Gene Adkisson)

* The Coach (John Tolos)

  • CC

    no, I confirmed that only three are confirmed drug deaths. The other 4 are just speculation, and at most after affects. its still a point that the bulk of them have no connection to drugs anyway. You might as well say many of them WERE NOT drug related. But instead they choose to emphasise the drug aspect, which is nowhere near as big as they are trying to make out, which is certainly meant to enforce the opinion that drugs and wrestling go hand in hand, and just feeds the media opinion that drugs are the be all and end all of the industry.

  • d_pooch

    Anyone else find it funny that Bulldog’s real name is listed ad “David Boy Smith”? LOL!

  • ddfindl

    “…deaths had anything to do with the business, which is basically what the article is suggesting…” – except its not, its says explicitly that a lot of them were drug related, which you yourself confirmed. I don’t know why you’re spinning this into the article attacking the industry; it was just making an observation.

  • CC

    Not really. As I say, you cannot suggest Sherri and Elizabeths deaths had anything to do with the business, which is basically what the article is suggesting, and Perfect was cocaine addiction (not performance or pain related drugs).
    The rest of them are the potential effects of drugs years later, and for the most part are only speculation as to whether they are drug related deaths.All the heart attacks and heart disease may very well have been related to drugs, but by the same token may have been totally unconnected. Just as you cannot say suicide is caused by drugs, despite the pain killer addiction for the Tornado.
    The only ones that were certainly drugs are the three who died from recreational use.

    You might as well turn round and list all the musicians who have died from drug abuse who had a hit song or album that year, and probably find out that there were just as many or more deaths in that industry due to drugs, yet nobody even tries to paint the music industry as this evil thing that drives people to drugs.

    MIGHT is the important word though because at not point in the article did it say many of them MIGHT have been related, it said many of them were, which is pure speculation in a some of those cases.

  • ddfindl

    You just said 7 of them might have been drug related, that’s a lot considering there was only 15 listed.

  • CC

    Andre the Giant (heart failure unrelated to drugs)
    The Big Boss Man (heart attack, no suggestion of drugs)
    British Bulldog (heart attack, likely due to steroid abuse)
    Earthquake (cancer unrelated to drugs)
    Gorilla Monsoon (diabetes related, no suggestion of drugs)
    Hawk (heart attack, possibly an after affect of steroid use)
    Hercules (heart disease, possible drugs related)
    Joey Marella (fell asleep while driving, no drugs)
    Lord Alfred Hayes (suffered several strokes, no drugs)
    Macho Man (heart attack while driving, possibly steroid related)
    Miss Elizabeth (drink and drugs)
    Mr Perfect (drugs)
    Sensational Sherri (drugs)
    Texas Tornado (suicide by gunshot, pain killer addiction due to foot loss)
    The Coach (renal failure, not drugs related)

    Hardly a list that suggest that many of them died due to drugs. Some were recreational, and nothing to do with the business (Elizabeth, Sherry and Perfect), Some were only “possibly” steroid related, with no evidence to suggest it wasnt just heart disease or heart attacks brought on by the same reason other people of similar age die of the same problems.
    Its pretty sad when even the news sites that are run by wrestling fans seem to want to condemn the industry just like the mainstream media.
    Really did not take me long to look up those causes of death for the ones I didnt know.