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Former WCW Star Konnan Says He Suffers From Manic Depressive Disorder

This week on MLW’s Konnan Show presented by Masked Republic’s, Konnan had a lot to say about the erratic nature of many of wrestling’s top stars over the years. He even revealed for the first time that he himself suffers from Manic Depressive Disorder.

“When I was 16 years old, I had gotten arrested and they sent me to a psychologist to see what my problem was. They said that I was a manic depressive and I got scared because I heard the word ‘manic.’ What am I, a maniac or something? But that would happen to me. Sometimes I would go into these deep funks of depression where I just didn’t want to talk to anybody or do anything. I didn’t want to be around anybody, but then I would have these super euphoric highs where I just wanted to talk to everybody and I was in a really crazy mode.”

“I would go between these two things and I remember talking to Raven, who is another very creative guy and he used to tell me to take Zoloft. He said it was an antidepressant. So I would take it, but I think I wouldn’t take enough or I wouldn’t take it long enough.”

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Dave Meltzer also appeared on the show and discussed the following topics:

– Dave Meltzer’s journey into the wrestling business.

– Dave Meltzer receiving threats from various wrestlers back in the kayfabe era including the Road Warriors.

– What major power brokers and wrestling minds did Dave Meltzer learn the intricacies of the wrestling business from?

– Dave Meltzer talks with the guys about Dana White going to war with Dave about a recent Observer article focussing on the trials and tribulations of the May UFC on FOX sports special and Konnan and Court chime in on Dana with some harsh words by Court Bauer for Dana.

– When Konnan & Court Bauer first came across Dave Meltzer and the Observer Newsletter.

– Dave Meltzer’s first seeing Calibri – who would go on to become WWE’s Rey Mysterio.

– Whether Lucha Libre could successfully expand to the U.S. today.

– Konnan answers your mailbag questions!

Carlito Colon of WWE and Puerto Rico fame jumps on with Konnan, Court and Mister Saint Laurent next Monday on!

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