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Former WCW Wrestler Arrested for Reckless Driving

Buff Bagwell was apparently arrested on July 9th according to the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office.

Marcus Alexander Bagwell of Woodstock, GA was arrested on charges of reckless driving and weaving over the roadway.

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  • Angry Benny

    Shit! that bastard lives like 15 minutes away from me, I better not go to woodstock again, that place sucks anyways and too many cops on every corner

  • CC

    At least the Pena story that appeared already had a lot more info and backstory to it .. sloppy reporting here.

  • Bill

    Didn’t he recently get out of the hospital because of a car-related injury? Even if he didn’t & I’m not thinking clearly, wreckless driving is stupid, regardless of who you are. And if he did just get out of the hospital, he’s lucky he didn’t get hurt again.

  • SYM

    Is it Double report Friday? This was already reported on the site.

  • MaNic

    wow time has not been kind to buff daddy

  • good

    Wow he looks old