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Former WCW/NWO Star Working with WWE Again?, Former Diva Turns 26, Poffo

– Former WWE Diva Tiffany turns 26 years old while Lanny Poffo turns 57 today.

– The Twitter page for former WCW/NWO and current AAA star Konnan says he is now working with WWE again, but wouldn’t say more. Konnan also said he was backstage at WWE’s Survivor Series pay-per-view but that was never reported.

If this is legit, Konnan working with WWE again would be very interesting considering how he has spoken out against the company in the past, not to mention that Konnan is currently working with TNA through the deal with AAA in Mexico.

The Konnan Twitter account was confirmed earlier this year by booking agency Wrestling Marx but has not been confirmed by any of Konnan’s peers yet.

  • sandman

    @Bawb the filthy animals are not fuly there because disco inferno is not in wwe.

  • sandman


  • Dwaead

    Is there a 3 Live Kru reunion in the works for 01/02/12, and the video is for Billy Gunn returning as the 4th member to make it the 4 Live Kru once again!

  • Bill

    I wish DDP would come back.

  • Kamala’s Foot

    That fat piece of crap is alive? He’ll come to WWE begging the fans to pay for his medical bills. That’s enough. He’l be called F-Dawg for Fat Dawg.

  • Nicholas

    WWE doesn’t take was is said about them to the heart like the internet fans would want to believe. Look how long Bret Heart been bashing the WWE before he made his return 2 years ago. Vince Mac doesn’t take what is said about him to the heart.

    Konnan back in the WWE not that big of a deal to me. Plus let also not forget that Vince don’t run the WWE as much as he use to. Yeah he still run some of it. But HHH he maybe the guy bring some of these older guys back to the WWE. I think that is what good about having HHH in the WWE backstage. He is good at talking to these older wrestler and showing them some respect.

    I mean with the Mexican starting to become big in the WWE it just means more Mexican talent coming to the WWE.

  • Albert

    Today In Mexico, It’s Like Their Version Of April Fools Day, So That’s Probably The Reason This Story Came Out.

  • Albert

    IM INSATIABLE I CANT GET ENOUGH… I NEED TO FIND A BOY .. lol thumbs up if you know what im even talking about haha 🙂 thumbs down if you dont

  • Bawb

    He is pretty pudgy now. I doubt he’d wrestle again. Although I find it funny that not only are the filthy animals in WWE as of now (if this is true), but also 3 Live Kru.

  • adam

    I wouldnt be surpised if he jumped to wwe to avoide working under the tna banner. After how konnan left tna during his last stand when LAX first started and he got hurt and got upset they wouldnt help pay his medical bills im not really surpised. The one thing i would like to see is either he does a rivalry with mysterio. Or since kidman is a road agent have those three do a version of the flithy animals one last run for the group.

  • Shawn

    OMG! TNA invasion incoming!!1! noezzz! Or maybe, just maybe, Max Moon will be in the Rumble this year. No, wait…. he’s going to be 1/2/12! Or….. MAX MOON AND RYBACK NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPS!?!?///1


  • JIR

    yeah we (I) don’t care about Konnan aside from hearing he is still alive after the whole surgery thing

  • Mini Freak

    that’s enough!