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This Week’s Episode Of “Foreign Exchange”, Jim Ross Addresses Bullying On WWE TV

– This week on Santino’s Foreign Exchange, Santino Marella and The Cobra have a falling out after the Superstar catches his lil buddy touching Michael McGillicutty’s beard. Find out whether the two ever make up or if this the end for the dynamic duo.


– Jim Ross, who many perceive has been subject to on-air ridicule by WWE brass, addressed fan concern regarding bullying on company programming in a Twitter post Thursday. He wrote, “Find it amazing that some fans cannot separate a fictitious, pro wrestling villain w/ real, every day life bullying. @WWE=entertainment, FYI.”

Vickie Guerrero, whose physical appearance has been subject to ridicule on WWE programming on numerous occasions, re-tweeted the message in agreement. Though Guerrero publicly takes the on-air derision in stride, broadcaster Jerry Lawler was issued a directive by management to cease all negative remarks concerning her appearance last year after the sports-entertainment organization’s anti-bullying campaign came under fire from an affiliate.

  • Tombstone

    Like good ol JR said, Learn to seperate wrestling (fiction) from real life.

  • Alan Wake

    It seems that lately Jim Ross has grown some balls. From taking shots at Kevin Dunn and the current product, to lashing out at fans. I have heard before that JR was not a good person and I’m starting to believe it. Just because someone has a disorder, doesn’t mean they aren’t total assholes.

    Has anyone really wondered WHY they make fun of him? Probably cause he was a ass to someone high up.

  • Moo

    Vince was actually a babyface that night.

  • Omar

    “What bothered me was that McMahon was NOT playing the role of a heel when he did the Bell’s Palsy skit.”


  • poko

    JR is something of an ass, to be honest, and he does what he does because he gets paid, so I’m not worried about him. What bothered me was that McMahon was NOT playing the role of a heel when he did the Bell’s Palsy skit. It was done purely and completely for laughs, not to build his character as a bad guy, which means that the WWE treated his behavior as acceptable. Had Cody Rhodes done it, or another heel, the announcers would have been quick to condemn it and all would have been fine.

    What that means, in effect, is that the WWE sent a pretty clear message that it’s OK to mock people with facial abnormalities. That’s far bigger than just JR getting ragged on. How do you think any kid watching felt who had a problem with being picked for serious problems with their appearance? Even if it wasn’t a PG show, I still wouldn’t like how that played out. It just wasn’t called for on any level.

  • Paul E Not-so-Dangerously

    Talk about kissing up to the boss.

  • Omar

    Yeah JR grow a pair! BE A STAR! Dont bend over for money!

  • Eddy

    in other words JR aslong as u collect a check u dont give a shit smh