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This Week’s Impact Draws Lowest Rating Of 2011, Roode Heading To Australia

— The October 6, 2011 episode of Impact Wrestling featuring Hulk Hogan’s retirement ceremony drew a 1.01 cable rating, which marks as the program’s lowest rating of the year.

This number is down from the 1.14 rating the show garnered last week. Thursday’s show averaged 1.376 million viewers, down from 1.49 million the week before.

— Bobby Roode will host the first ever Australian Fan Viewing party in Sydney on Saturday, November 5, 2011 for Impact Wrestling, which airs every Saturday night at 8:30 p.m. AEDT on Fuel TV Australia. The interactive event will feature live interviews and be recorded for a global television audience.

“I am very excited to head ‘down under’ this November to get a chance to personally thank all the fans who watch me and Impact Wrestling each and every week. I plan on making this one hell of a celebration after I beat Kurt Angle for the World Title at Bound For Glory,” Roode said to


  • tom

    Superman… millions of people like rap too

  • william

    hogan needs to go away from wrestling. tna would be alot better off

  • muh boy

    depends if the 90 day non compete thing in the contracts applies to commentators

  • Jay EZ

    so when is roh coming to espn?

  • venom

    WWE is getting interesting is what I meant to say.

  • venom

    At least WWE is tinteresting now. TNA has the lowest rating going into BFG. I lost all hope for TNA, their grave keeps getting deeper and deeper.


    The TNA marks are getting tired of TNA too.

  • muh boy

    but wwe is just boring. i cant watch cena super show. maybe if they changed i could

  • BigBossman

    @ joe:
    WOW! I heard that there are trolls that go around in every post of the internet spewing political shiz but i thought it was a myth. A “Bush” jab at a wrestling news website, SERIOUSLY??? So i guess the only thing left to do is hop on my flying unicorn with my buddy lucky the leprechaun ridin’ biotch behind me.If you need us we will be riding dirty by the seaside trollin’ for mermaids.

  • JOE

    ^^^^^ bush was re-elected so you can throw that theory out the window.

  • Stevie P

    Hogan and Sting isn’t drawing in 2011? Who would have thought…

  • Superman

    Millions of people can’t be wrong

  • Superman

    Not according to the ratings my friend

  • muh boy

    its still better than wwe, though that is not saying much

  • Ironcross

    where are all the TNA marks defending their turd.. hiding under a rock? wonder how close they’re to NXT or Superstars rating now?

  • Superman

    ” where wrestling matters” uhuh

  • poko

    TNA’s focus is the side show of Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff, not putting on legitimately entertaining wrestling matches. There is absolutely nothing to gets excited over about Hogan at this point, nothing to look forward to seeing. He’s basically the same as Hornswaggle, just a distraction to trot out in front of the audience, all style and no substance.

    TNA used to have substance, and I miss that.

    It’s just so sad that TNA is hyping the least interesting aspect of the PPV. I think that’s the very definition of “out of touch”.

  • Effmenow

    Wow I actually watched Impact for the first time in months and it gets this rating. Maybe I shouldn’t watch it.

  • Snark Mark

    It is certainly a bad sign going into “the biggest ppv of the year” that the ratings keep dropping off. Aside from that, they show felt flat. I watched the highlights (skipping over the 10min Sting/Hogan segment) and was disappointed to see how little ground work has been laid going into BFG.

  • RAMSES 2