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This Week’s RAW Supershow Rating Up from Last Week, Speculation on Bourne

– Whether this is true or not, there was speculation among some of the WWE talents this week that Evan Bourne was trying to get himself fired after failing another Wellness test just weeks after he returned from the first suspension.

– The January 16th episode of WWE’s RAW Supershow scored a 3.0 cable rating with 4,279,000 viewers, up from last week. The first hour did a 3.0 rating while the second hour did a 3.03. The rating went up as hour two went on but viewership dropped by 62,000.

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  • Nooch

    Yea, I was gonna say, that should put him in front of the line for a TNA PPV Main Event.

  • Dave

    With that on his CV. TNA would snap him up.

  • Snark Mark

    So he wants to enter the job market with the reason he left his last place of employment being termination following multiple failed drug tests? Sure, why not?

  • venom

    If he is trying to get fired, he can do it a different way instead of using drugs.

  • CC

    As someone who was not only a title holder, but was allowed to keep that title during his first suspension, why would he be looking to get fired?
    Cant complain about not being pushed when you currently have gold round your waist.