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- Ken sent the following: After RAW last night in Hershey, Orton came out with Legacy to attack Cena. DX made the save and sent Legacy to the back before hitting finishers on Orton and celebrating. No advertised dark match main event.

  • nobody

    If anyone thinks Ted DiBiasie should win the WWE Title to be put over as a face, they need to just stop watching wrestling. That would be the worst move WWE could ever make. They can turn Ted all they want, but to put the title on him would absolutely be the worst thing ever to happen to Raw or WWE in general (and yes it would be worse than Edge and Lita’s live sex celebration)

  • dk

    WWE is just reliving the glory day’s of Hulkamania in the 80′s with Cena as the top guy. It all cycles and will again. Before you know know it they will be back in the Attitude era.

  • Ryan

    but wouldn’t that just make you pissed off and complain as usual of them not doing anything new and just rehashing a storyline?

  • Trevor

    Orton will definitely get another run with A title…Just not the wwe title. I can see him once again challenging the Undertaker at this years wrestlemania for the world title…
    Also, on last nights raw Shaemus winning doesnt make any sense whatsoever. They should have had Ted Dibiase win and then Orton would have turned on him, making Dibiase a face….
    Or they could have did what Evolution did years ago by having Dibiase beating Cena, only for Orton to THEN turn on him and take his title.
    Lots of things can happen when you get fresh faces in the mix instead of the same ol same ol people.
    I think the Kingston/Ziggler match was amazing but could have used more time. These 2 will be main eventers in the coming years for sure.

  • Sam Peters

    RKO-Obv an Orton fan…maybe Orton wants to pay back the company be bringing new faces into the main event sence…i like what Orton is doing to be honest he will get another run with the title dont you worry about that

  • rko

    Here’s a better question? Why does the wwe keep shoving ziggy marley down our throats. He’s not champ material and never will be. Orton should have refused to job to him.

  • Michael Cole

    Vintage PG Era!

  • Kyle

    Yea, doesn’t this happen after every single Raw? If it was DX getting beat down, all the little kiddie fans under the age of 9 would be chanting their little girly voices for Superman Cena to save the day. Why can Legacy never beat someone down without someone interferring? It’s so annoying!

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