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– Several subscribers with DirecTV reported technical problems during last night’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view.

– After the cameras stopped rolling at last night’s Royal Rumble in Atlanta, Edge was in the ring for about another ten minutes with loud “Welcome back” chants coming from the crowd.

– There was no announcement made to the crowd in Atlanta last night about WrestleMania 27 coming to Atlanta in 2011. A press conference is expected later today.

– Wrestling agent Bill Behrens noted on his Twitter last night that he was planning on visiting some friends at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view in Atlanta but got the call that no guests were allowed at the show.

This was most likely done to keep the surprise of Edge’s return.

  • al

    Royal Rumble was BORING!!!!!

  • darryl

    Yeah I’m just a huge EDGE fan and Told everyone I know Edge was gonna win. Luckily My Brother won 25 bucks on him winning lol. But seriously you should Never Bet On Pro Wrestling

  • ejones

    yeah seemed like everyone on here and wrestling-edge predicted edge would make his return.

  • Jose Rodriguez 714

    How was it a surprise, if WWE put out a ROyal Rumble Poster with Edge on the cover..?

  • TheRattlesnake420

    I saw that prediction Zach, and I believed you. But, I also believed it could go either way cuz I was kinda thinking they would give another Rumble to Trips and Orton would beat Sheamus setting up the reigniting of THEIR feud at Wrestlemania. I mean…..Orton did do some crazy shit to Stephanie and you gotta expect that feud to blow up again at any time. Now, that’s still possible seeing as there are 3 Heavyweight titles and still one more PPV to go before Wrestlemania….But, it also made more sense to have Edge come back a couple months ahead of schedule IN A BIG SPOT with a BIG SPOTLIGHT. And he deserves it because he is the Rated R Superstar and he is a bad ass mother fucker. Great wrestler. Great entertainer. Great in the ring, great on the mic. And in my opinion Edge has always been WWE’s diamond in the rough. I think he’s going to be the real MVP in the next 5-10 years for the WWE. He was on the cusp of being one of those “bad guys” that are so good at what they do that you cant help but cheer them. I’d been waiting to hear that from the audiences, same way I’ve been waiting to hear them BOOO THE FUCK OUT OF JOHN CENA. God he is awkward and horrible with a microphone in his hand. He needs to shut up, turn heel, and get a fuckin mouthpiece. Anyway, Edge is one of those guys that can go back n forth. Jericho is also. Jericho is a great wrestler and even when he is the heel….”Y2J, Y2J, Y2J”…..Edge-Jericho, that should make for a TOP NOTCH feud I assure you.

  • C-MAN


  • P.o.P.

    the ppv for us at the bar we were at didnt start till the miz and mvp were already in the ring we missed the ecw title match

  • JD

    “technical problems” does not begin to describe the nonsense that happened last night with DirectTV, though I’m glad to hear it wasn’t just the location I was at. I went to Buffalo Wild Wings and the PPV didn’t start until the Rumble started, about two hours into the show. I would have left everyone in our group already ordered, so it would have been like paying the full price for the PPV and not seeing anything.

  • Zach

    i told all of you like 4 weeks ago that edge would win the rumble and nobody believed me.

  • Ryan

    it wasn’t really leaked now was it. we read interviews with edge saying that he was seeing his doctors and other stories saying that it would be likely that edge returned but at the same time there was stories that booker t was gunna be in the rumble so come on man rumours are rumours!

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