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– For those interested, Jack Swagger’s eagle mascot is actually Chavo Guerrero.

– The WWE Tribute to the Troops 2010 special is due to be taped on 12/15 at Fort Hood in Texas, with word that the special will air as a one hour event on NBC. This will be the first time the show has been taped domestically.

Source – PWInsider.com

  • charlemange

    well at least he isnt have dumb mathes with Hornswoggle anymore this is technically a step up

  • raiden2

    Wow… This is the biggest push Chavo has gotten in years.

  • Speedy23

    Dang… Chavo definitely deserves better than that. How long has he been with the business? I know he’s like 40 now.

  • !?

    Poor Chavo, he should go to TNA and join their now irrelevant X-Division. At least there he will be used since he would be an ex WWE talent. I remember Chavo back in WCW’s Cruiserweight Division so he would fit right in as the veteran of the X Division.

  • zach V

    you got it CC was about to say the same thing

  • nobody

    Haha Chavo is STILL getting beat up by Hornswoggle! I love it!

  • dont ask

    better then ã gopher

  • CC

    Few days ago it was Jamie Noble, now its Chavo.
    Who’s next?

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