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  • rhGunslinger

    I miss Maria. No talent….. but who cares? I will watch her hold a mic all day.

  • Andrew Mickens


  • Rae

    Maryse looks like someone hit her in the face with a frying pan before she fell out of the ugly tree and not to mention you can’t understand half of what she says.

    Kelly Kelly & Melina & Mickie are by far the hottest and have more talent than Maryse will ever dream of having.

  • edgehead101

    MARYSE is the hottest easy

  • me

    maryse all the way, then michelle even though she’s not on raw

  • Ma-rko

    Top 5 wwe

    5 Alicia Fox
    4 Eve Torres
    3 Kelly Kelly
    2 Maryse
    1 Micki James

    Top 5 tna

    5 Madison Rayne
    4 Taylor Wilde
    3 Velvet Sky
    2 Christy Hemme
    1 Angelina Love

  • Calix

    Melina and mickley James are the hotest in wwe

  • Bear

    Mickie James is the best! Kelly is a Bimbo Bimbo.

  • wwfan

    Maryse and Eve are the two hottest but i picked Eve because she just has that whole package. Maryse is just a lil too skinny for my taste but she’s still hot.

  • rko

    Beth is very pretty. She’s just too buff for a woman.

  • marcum

    stockshark i agree with you maryse would be the greatest addition to the beautiful people. she has an amazing body and a sexy face to back it up

  • stockshark

    Maryse the other TBP!!!

  • Andrew_Gigan

    Beth Pheonix is pretty hot. but shes hot in a weird way.

  • Andrew_Gigan

    Maryse? for real? I don’t know fellas I think Kelly Kelly has my vote.

  • Rothbury Madness

    Melina or Maryse or Kelly Kelly, to be honest wouldn’t kick any of them out of bed. Same goes for Mickie and Michelle,giggity giggity.

  • ricknokla

    why did they blur out Taras top on TNA? Was there a nip slip?

  • ricknokla

    Maryes adn Kelly are hot, but so is Michelle McCool

  • Exusninja

    for me its Kelly Kelly, Maryse is nice but not natural like kelly kelly is (right now) But i like the skankiness of the Angelina love and the beutiful people (what skanks, CHEERS)

  • Ted

    Melina has an ass you could eat off of. Imagine those legs wrapped around your head!!!!

  • Sam

    Yes, do not forget Mickie- she is the hottest

  • dAL

    do not 4 get mickie

  • TJ

    Maryse is the best! A hot bod, sexy look, and a kick a** attitude !

  • edgehead15

    really can’t believe some of u guys voted 4 kelly kelly? really the chic got nothing.

    Maryse has a pretty face that is perfection

  • Billy Mays

    I gotta say, Gail Kim… Hey, I got Yellow Fever!!!!!

  • alicia_fox_sux_ass

    alicia fox is so ugly, how did she get 4 votes?!?! ill bet she voted by pretending to be 4 other ppl

  • Tomo

    Eve? People actually vote for her? She looks like Kermit the Frog!

  • kerry alan

    i think a few of them are hot…but maryse is by far the hottest…canada sure knows how to make ’em dont ya think i mean look at trish

  • ant

    maryse is alright but she ain’t nothin compared to melina

  • riju

    maryse..without a hitch..drop dead sexy..my god

  • hey

    Maryse is by far the hottest 😀

  • RKOmonster

    maryse is fine, but kelly kelly is just so..so… no comment…lol

  • Antoine

    eve torres is so damn fine.i wish she would’ve stayed on smackdown

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