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Who Was the ‘Fan’ That Attacked During the Cena vs. Orton Match at SummerSlam?

– The “fan” who ran in the ring during the WWE Title match between John Cena and Randy Orton at SummerSlam last night to attack referee Scott Armstrong was actually WWE developmental talent and second generation star Brett DiBiase.

DiBiase is the 21 year old son of the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase and brother to Legacy member Ted Jr. Brett has been signed to a WWE developmental deal since the beginning of this year.

  • Babs Gralka

    I like to make a little correction, the Dibiase Brothers Ted and Brett are NOT second Generation Wrestlers.. No… they are actually THIRD Generation Wrestlers. ‘Iron Mike’ DiBiase was very well known in his Time, and is the Father of Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase.

  • Josh

    I knew it was all a set-up. They really try hard to get the fans to believe that there is something out of the script.

  • Raziel

    Fucking awful,Brett’s going to join and get sent back down after they kick Ted out and he does a face turn.

  • AJ

    I knew it. Well, I actually thought myabe Joe Hennig, but I knew it would be a new Legacy member

  • nottingham

    Think the re-starts were a way to get Vince be a heel again… Logic will be that he gave Cena multiple chances and he still couldn’t get the job done.

    What a horrid ppv though.

  • Christian C.

    That match was horrible. All the restarts just so Randy can come out the victor. Bad writing on the WWE’s creative staff’s part. The WWE needs to develop new top talent. Another second generation star does not hurt. It would be good to see the Dibiase’s as tag team champs. This is the beginning of WWE being loyal to it’s retired stars by bringing in their spawn to the company. Debut Mr. Perfect’s son already. Summerslam was sort of a bore.

  • Coast2Coast

    Sweet, aside from Randy Orton always wrestling the same people, I like legacy. Randy Orton-WWE Champ, Rhodes-US Champ, DiBiases-Tag Champs (Althought Ted is the better wrestler than Cody) would be fun in the future if Brett works out. The would just need a second generation Female for the Diva title.