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Source: F4Wonline.com

– Word after last week’s round of WWE releases was that at least one of the releases came from a Wellness failure. No name was given on the failure and WWE hasn’t made anything official, which is unusual.

– The feeling is that there will be a few more WWE releases to come in the next few weeks.

– In the six-man main event on last week’s RAW, Triple H was originally supposed to pin Luke Gallows for the win but CM Punk chose to take the loss instead.

  • I Ribbed Chris Sabin

    Good point JC – Very good point

  • Jc

    Matt Hardy wont get released atm, thats to say ever, NXT saves Matt from being released, what are they going to do, just give Justin Gabriel another Pro, unlikely

  • Chris E.

    Jimmy Wang Yang + X Division = AWESOME

  • From da LBC

    Obviously Matt’s leaving. He already got his send off after McIntyre beat him up real bad.

  • vide

    wow punk took the loss…that was nice of him

  • john

    i dont get why the same site reported wang suggested it was him now there acting like its a mystery

  • Will Henderson

    i bet Jimmy Wang Yang got fired for failing the wellness policy again, he said “three strikes and your out, Florida sure looks nice” or something like that. plus didn’t he had a strike already for failing a wellness policy drug test.

  • kelly

    @Wrestling Guru#1 Highly fucking doubt that for a few reasons, mainly because he’s been a mainstay in the company, never failed a drug test, and is an all round good worker they just have there heads up there asses for not using him right. In my opinion he is way better then Jeff in every way.

  • Wrestling Guru#1

    “OOhh Yeah!!!! I can slam a Tornado! I can swallow…..” Get ready for Florida Matt!

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