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- There are no plans for any new “Stand Up for WWE” videos and the WWE production team is no longer working on them.

- As announced yesterday, former Intercontinental Champion Honky Tonk Man will not be at “old school” RAW this Monday and he is promising to “reveal all” on his Website why he won’t be appearing.

- Two pre-sale passwords for WrestleMania 27 tickets are “FRIEND” and “ATLANTA”.

Credit: PWInsider.com

  • venom

    Remember when HTM said he was going to TNA and Bischoff killed that rumor. HTM, what a sad old man.

  • scooter

    seriously now people its HTM he’ll be there and then declare that he “worked everyone” its not that Honkey its just no one could give a shit if your there or not

  • Mike

    It’s because he’s on tour with Rockabilly right now!

  • Evil Doink

    The headline states “Why Honky Tonk Man won’t be at RAW” yet this article doesn’t list a reason….

  • venom

    Honkey Tonk Man is not showing up because of Goldust. He is afraid of slipping on Goldust’s wig just like at Cyber Sunday in 08. lol.

  • Jeff

    Reveal all? He didn’t get the money that he didn’t deserve. Nobody cares.

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