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Why McMahon Wasn’t Live on RAW, FCW’s Halloween Show, More

– Devin sent the following: WWE Monday Night Raw on January 17th, 2011 will be held at the Verizon Arena in Little Rock, Arkansas. Tickets go on sale November 19th, 2010.

– Florida Championship Wrestling has added a Tables & Ladders match to their big Halloween show on Friday, October 29th in Gainesville, Florida. Sheamus will be signing autographs before the show and there will be the annual FCW Halloween Costume Contest.

– WWE had originally planned for Vince McMahon to appear live on last night’s RAW to plug the new “Stand Up For WWE” campaign. Due to time constraints, they made the last minute decision to just air the video.

Linda McMahon’s Senate campaign is reportedly distancing itself a bit from Vince’s latest WWE initiative.

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  • Estaban

    ** COUGH**** 321kid with a razor,

    Okay Well MAYBE it also has something to DO with TNA having PPV near on EVERY OTHER WEEK!!!! So whats their excuse?!!

    Its a BUSINESS. Does the store where your family shop at open every other week?! Nope its OPENS near on everyday WHY ITS CALLED COMPETITION!… JEEZ you can’t run a business when another company is trying to take the business away can you!…

    jeez think before you engage your fingers on the keyboard.

  • jon

    come on now everyone as there own opions on wwe vice was already rich due to his father vince sr. but anyways wwe did lots for make a wish also for kids who really cares bout there prices on ppv i mean i agree with some of u all on they should lower the ppv but just some them should be lower the whole Tv pg thing is really hurting the wwe plus every now in then u can watch raw or smackdown & there storylines are going so random 4 real

  • 321kid with a razor

    WWE cares only about money. Thats why there is PPVs every 2 to 3 weeks. The economy is hurting and so are the fans. Drop all ppv prices by $10. Go back to 1 a month so there can be some writing and development of fueds again and let us care about every match on the card. I know I would finally buy ppvs again. Also Im agree on the work load. Alicia you forget that wrestlers are signed like independant wrestlers. WWE doesn’t Pay for their travel anymore. They don’t pay their doctor bills and hospital bills. To be on the road all year and wrestle 5 to 6 nights a week is terrible on the body. No matter how much you love doing it. Read a bio by a wwe legend everyonce in a while and hear from victums themselves. Your only 20 not 10. try and learn something

  • erik

    @ alicia please if vince really care he would cut wrestlers road life to 185days instead of 300 days you know that is long road time. I mean wwe sucks imo wwe books tag team bad guest hosts it is joke wwe. I am happy wwe is losing money in ppvs buyrates and fans to ufc and tna imo vince could care less about fans he blame fans in his may stock holders meeting vince and wwe can go to hell!

  • Alicia

    well i stand up for the wwe..they have went of their way for many people and maybe children. they have always been nice to me and they go out of their way to make their fans happy at events. every one i have been too has been way better than any tna show i went to. the tna show i went to htey ran out of programs (wwe would never do that before the show even started) the tna show had maybe 200 people there i was 3rd row and no one was there in front of me. so i moved up to the front row. ive got to meet a bunch of wrestlers and they have always been so nice to me. i dont care what people say to me. i am a 20 year old and i love the wwe. i dont watch tna because their wcw crap. i did watch wcw and wwe and wcw was horriable (main event anyways) everything else was decent. tna is getting to be the same way. bishoff will ruin wrestling again. and they dont treat their talent like garbage. if the wrestlers would do the right thing and not take drugs (or what ever the hell matt just did to GET Fired)….so I STAND UP FOR WWE!

  • kane

    he didn’t want to hear a “you screwed bret” chant during his speech. besides, if they want to correct things and have the truth be told, they should tell the truth themselves. many people say they’ve lied about everything from how many people attended wrestlemaina 3 to how many wrestlemainas there have been. once they “stand up” themselves, maybe then we can as well.

  • Tony A

    I’m not going to stand up for a company that treats their wrestlers like garbage.

  • me

    he even thinks it’s stupid