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Why WWE Might Have to Suspend Helms, His Missed Rumble Pay

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– As noted before, Gregory Helms was found with a single soma pill in his bag when arrested with Chris Jericho. If Helms didn’t have a prescription for the drug like he claimed and even though the police aren’t charging him for it, WWE would be forced to suspend him for 60 days on his second Wellness violation. WWE’s current policy says that every prescription a wrestler has is supposed to be filed ahead of time with Dr. David Black. All prescriptions are supposed to be written by the company doctors who travel with the WWE crew. Helms has a previous violation against him for his name coming up in the Signature Pharmacy scandal in 2007 and has never failed a WWE drug test.

There has been a lot of talk backstage regarding Helms’ future with WWE after the incident. Based on the success of the Royal Rumble pay-per-view which he was pulled from, Helms missed out on a payoff from the show that would have been around $5,000.

It’s said that Helms was apologetic to WWE officials for the incident.

  • MissC

    Matt Hardy doesn’t deserve to get punished for something his friend did.

  • Gimmick Guy

    …future endeavours

  • Jason

    hurricane *

  • Jason

    helms simply does what he’s told, if they tell him to play the hirricane, he really has no choice.

  • MissC

    Mannul, if you were doing your dream job, you’d come out in “pajamas and a mask” as well. If you’re in WWE< you do pretty much whatever they want you to do to keep your job in the top wrestling company.

  • Mannul

    Get what career back? His “career” that has him coming out in pajamas and a mask? If he’s fired,then I sure won’t miss The Hurricane. If he just fights as himself without looking like an idiot,then I’d appreciate him more.

  • Taylor

    of course jericho gets off easy cuz hes a big heel.

  • Matt

    $5000 buys a lot of Soma’s damn he must be pissed 😛

  • baddog_1_2k

    Does anyone care anymore? seriously this is stupid If he gets suspended he probably had it comming he should be more responsible than that. If he dosen’t than wwe will obviously fine him anyways.

  • jim

    5000 bucks for one night is a lot.regular working people are lucky to pull in that in one month.

  • Raziel

    Company doctors and kind of a health plan, yet they don’t have a union

  • Jason

    i wrote all though in short hand.

  • Matt

    5,000 is great to make for one match! an extra 5,000 dollars in a week ain’t bad, especially now a days when some people
    are lucky to be able to work.

  • Joe

    Jason what is “alouth” did you mean “all though”?

  • Jason

    5k? i guess he was slated to last about 20 seconds.

    i bet jericho got like 500k for the rumble or something ridiculous like that (alouth jericho IS awesome)

  • Notingham

    Wow.. weird that these “independent contractors” have to clear their prescriptions with the company ahead of time. One would think that sounds like something a full time under contract employee would do.

  • Devil_Rising

    Hopefully he doesn’t get suspended, and hopefully this whole stupid thing blows over, so he can get his life and career back on track. How sad something literally a non-incident has become this huge thing.