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William Regal Comments on His WWE Status, Rumor Killer on Hardy-WWE

– William Regal wrote the following on Twitter today regarding reports of his retirement:

“Can I please make this clear.I have never said I’m retiring.Not at the O2 last year nor this week.Not wrestle as much,yes,but not retire.”

“Nor have I been removed from NXT or the WWE.Not been in trouble either(shock I know).”

– Super Luchas Magazine out of Mexico, which has been a credible source in the past, has started the rumor online that current TNA star and #1 contender to their World Heavyweight Title Jeff Hardy is the man behind WWE’s cryptic January 2nd, 2012 videos and that Hardy will make his return to WWE soon.

A source close to Hardy and TNA reports that the rumor is just as it sounds – completely false.

Partial source:

  • Thepowerhour

    It clearly will be Bill and Hilary

  • KGM Da Master

    Look stop predicting! Damn, no one knows who it is! Hell it could be Doink the Clown for all we know. Raws coming Monday and Ill be more than happy when charade is over. I will say this much, its not Jericho (which I believe he is really focused on making a career outside of wrestling – plus it hasnt even been a year since he left – give it up jerihoe fans), Hardy (who still LOOKS like hes battling drug addiction) or the Undertaker who is battling a SUPER major injury which may even leave him out of the granddaddy of em all! I saw Brodus Clay’s name earlier and that would make perfect sense since they stopped his promotion package right after they started this cryptic video nonsense. I dont think Clay or Harris are worth 2 pennies compared to Earthquake and Bam Bam, two guys who didnt smile while being portrayed as the bad guys. Young ppl have to start taking this seriously if not, WWE will be out of business by 2020! Peace

  • Albert

    It would be awesome to see jeff back i guess but its one of those things that i really cant imagine happening you know?

  • bonerjams

    If it wasnt for the drug test i seriously thought we would have seen william regal close if not to winning a major world championship belt as soon as he won king of the ring defeating cm punk.

  • adam

    That would be so funny and kinda intresting if it was jeff hardy then he could pick up a rivalry with cm punk i know there is a 99% chance it isnt jeff because its probably jericho but if it is hardy i would laugh sooooooo hard.

  • Starship Pain

    That’s bullshit. We all know the videos are for the brooklyn Brawler. Finally, he’s getting he’s much deserved world title run…

  • Kamala’s Foot

    I think the video is for Brodus Clay after his DUI situation clears up. People would be stupid to believe is was one of the Lardy Brothers.

  • Shawn

    WTF? How the hell could anyone seriously believe Jeff Hardy would EVER be welcomed back to WWE, let alone in a week!?!? The guy is under contract with TNA. Simply ridiculous!

  • Nicholas

    Man how stupid are some of you people sometimes. It is Undertaker not Jeff Hardy I mean we all know it. I mean you act like you haven’t got a clue some time. Then you will come in here Tuesday crying how you didn’t see it coming. It is close to WM it could only be Undertaker.

  • jcorona

    Bring jeff hardy back and have him job to cm punk again 🙂


    On mexico is “dia de los inocentes” or “innocent day”, similiar to april fools, son this is just a joke

  • PinkSinCara

    Hardy can stay where he’s at in TNA. I doubt WWE wants him back.

  • Adam

    Regal one best wrestlers not win World Title on pure wrestling ability. Should be given a role in WWE to help improve Divas division to make there matches on pure wrestling viewpoint much better just like Finlay did by helping train up likes Trish and Lita.

  • Macho Madness

    God I love William Regal, one of the greatest technical wrestlers of the last century and beyond dedicated to WWE. Disgusting how underrated he is.