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William Regal Wants A Shot At The World Title, King Kong Bundy Trademark Issue

— William Regal wants former protégé Daniel Bryan to grant him a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship.

He tweeted Sunday, “I’ve never asked Daniel Bryan for anything for my help and guidance over the years. So now perhaps it’s time. I still want to be the first English World Champion. I would like Daniel Bryan to grant me a title shot. WWE pay attention.”

Regal then stated in response to those who doubt his ability: “It seems as though a lot of people think the same. One thing though, I don’t deserve a title shot, but I want one. Some people think I’m not up to it. People have been counting me out for years but I can still wrestle as good as ANYONE in the world.”

Regal faced Bryan in his last WWE match, which took place at the November 8, 2011 WWE Superstars taping in Liverpool, England. Regal’s last match on a top-tier show was also against Bryan, on the December 20, 2010 Raw.

— This May, Mattel will release a WWE Legends action figure on King Kong Bundy via There was an apparent trademark issue with the King Kong Bundy name as the February 2012 edition of WWE Magazine features an advertisement for the action figure and it is branded as “Bundy.”

  • 19fusion91

    I’m tired of seeing Big Show fighting against celebrities and losing at Wrestlemania, were’s Big Show’s Wrestlemania moment??

  • Diesel

    WWE needs to stop being ignorant jackasses to British talent, Regal should have had a WWE or World Title run years ago. I’d quite happily pay for a Bryan vs Regal title match at a PPV over a Cena or Miz title run any night of the week.

  • Little Jimmy G

    Regal vs bryan at elimination chamber ( teacher vs student angle) Would make the ppv worth paying for on its own

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Vince should give Regal another shot, it has been quite awhile since he screwed himself on the drug test. I’m sure he is a hell of a a lot smarter than Bourne is.

  • Flash86

    look at last years Elimination Chamber The Miz V Jerry the King Lawler for the WWE Championship, we all knew then that there was no chance that Jerry was not going to win the belt so why not give Regal a crack.

  • Pissed Off Fan =(


  • cenaheelturnplz

    Regal=underrated and misused

  • No1coleminer

    i think its even harder bitter pill to swallow when jokes like khali won it and the same person gets it back 34343 times, Regal is a damn good wrestler, a good throwback who can also cut it on the mic

  • Phil Collins

    Regal as champion would be awesome. I think I’d mark out for that one. I remember as Lord Steven Regal him giving a very green Bill Goldberg a wrestling lesson in what was supposed to be a squash match turning it into like a 5 min. long match on Nitro.

  • chronoxiong

    I would love to see this match too. Vince, make it happen! Wait, I don’t think Vince wants to make it happen.

  • Jason

    I think he deserves it…

  • Tom… Just Tom

    Been a Regal fan for many years. IMO he is one of the best workers in the business to never have been a world champion as a single, and I’m not counting his many reigns a WCW world TV champ.

  • Bill

    You know what, screw it! Make Regal va. Bryan at WM 28 for the title, damn it!

  • scooter

    give him a shot on a uk edition of smackdown! I’m not saying they need to make him a main eventer but just give the guy the damn match and have bryan go over clean! the guy is perhaps the most underrated wrestler I’ve ever seen genius in the ring and on the stick!

  • venom

    Regal would have been a good champion in like 2001, but this is 2012. I don’t think he deserves a title shot now because he barely even wrestle the last two years.

  • yo

    Regal is a better wrestler than most of the guys in the business.
    Being around for so long and not getting a main event title shot is sad.

  • Payaso

    I’d like to see Regal as champion. He is a great wrestler, better than many that have been champions already. its about time!

  • Cakes

    Best case scenario for that match would be the fully have Bryan turn heel at the rumble, than do a segment where regal announces he wants a title match before he retires an really plays up the whole “underdog, on his last leg” role. Then have Bryan come out and brag how he won the title so early while regal has nothing and he is better than his trainer. Have the match at Elimination Chamber because the Chamber match itself is what sells that PPV and it’ll help establish Bryan coming into WM (to face RR winner, Sheamus) if the WWE decides not to have y2J win the rumble.

  • WeAreOne

    Sad thing is Shawn is probably right

  • shawn

    yeah, not gonna happen. id like it, but …nope.

  • Buttercastle

    I’m not the biggest fan of Regal but I agree that it would be a good match. Better than watching Mark Henry and Big Show fumble around the ring for 20 minutes.

  • Whooper

    I’d love to see Regal vs Danielson for the title, as long as they give them the time to do the match and it doesn’t end with some stupid DQ or whatever.

  • KpNuttzLol

    Regal Vs Bryan for the title is a match I’d love to see.Especially since Regal does deserve a title run. He’s been in the industry for a long time and it would be nice to see someone more technical hold the title next rather than bigger guys.